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  Lephenixnoir 07ad882f64 slight refinements on runic (#4) 4 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 84d7963e03 Merge branch 'Runic' of Alice/uf5x7 into master 4 months ago
  Alice 183cac236e added Runic block 5 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 5a5dfbbe8a small improvements on currency symbols (#3) 5 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 5adcf5370d Merge branch 'OCR-and-Currency' of Alice/uf5x7 into master 5 months ago
  Alice ac8adbb0db added Currency symbols block 5 months ago
  Alice cf3806c8f9 added Optical character recognition block 5 months ago
  Lephenixnoir a9f1e80440 fix omissions in the Greek and Coptic block (#2) 5 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 7f84816517 fix generation command in README 5 months ago
  Lephenixnoir ecc83c2d0b make the generator script output two columns 5 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 9bb2fd9b82 add license specification and link to PC topic (#1) 5 months ago
  Lephenixnoir dbc62366ae initial commit - basic blocks, generator script, readme 5 months ago