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Fruit Ninja is an adaptation for Fx-9860 series calculators. I do not own the original game.

Cut the fruits before they fall off the screen, but do not touch bombs! You'll find 3 modes:

  • Normal (3 lifes, bombs are lethal)
  • Arcade (60 seconds, bombs clear the screen and remove points)
  • Peaceful (endless, no bombs)


Everything is automatic. Just put the G1A on your calculator and enjoy!

Sometimes the game is buggy and screen freeze. Press TAN then EXE can unfreeze the game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Gameplay details

Score calculation

  • 1 point per fruit cut
  • +3 for a 3 fruits combo
  • +5 for a 4 fruits combo
  • +10 for a 5 fruits combo


  • Star: score ×2 while the icon is displayed


A shuriken icon is displayed on the screen if you unlock a trophy. You can see them on the trophy page. There are 21 of them.

How to play

Just cut the fruits with your finger on the keyboard. There is an in-game help for beginners.

Credits & license

You can find the game on its Planète Casio's page

Thanks to Deep Though for allowing me to use his sprites.

This game is released under GPL v3