Utility program to automatically install, build and update repositories from this Gitea forge.
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from giteapc.util import *
import giteapc.repos
import giteapc.config
import subprocess
import json
import sys
# Provide a mechanism to submit HTTP GET requests to the forge. Try to use the
# requests module if it's available, otherwise default to cURL. If none is
# available, disable network features but keep going.
_http_get = None
import requests
_http_get = requests_get
except ImportError:
if _http_get is None and has_curl():
_http_get = curl_get
if _http_get is None:
warn("found neither requests nor curl, network will be disabled")
# Send a GET request to the specified API endpoint
def _get(url, params=None):
if _http_get is None:
raise Error("cannot access forge (network is disabled)")
return _http_get(giteapc.config.GITEA_URL + "/api/v1" + url, params)
# Search for repositories
def repo_search(keyword, **kwargs):
r = _get("/repos/search", { "q": keyword, **kwargs })
results = json.loads(r)['data']
results = [ giteapc.repos.RemoteRepo(r) for r in results ]
return sorted(results, key=lambda r: r.fullname)
# List all remote repositories (with topic "giteapc")
def all_remote_repos():
return repo_search("giteapc", topic=True)
# Repository info
def repo_get(fullname):
r = _get(f"/repos/{fullname}")
return giteapc.repos.RemoteRepo(json.loads(r))
except NetworkError as e:
if e.status == 404:
return None
raise e
def repo_branches(r):
r = _get(r.url + "/branches")
return json.loads(r)
def repo_tags(r):
r = _get(r.url + "/tags")
return json.loads(r)
def repo_topics(r):
r = _get(r.url + "/topics")
return json.loads(r)["topics"]