Utility program to automatically install, build and update repositories from this Gitea forge.
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from giteapc.config import REPO_FOLDER
from giteapc.util import *
import subprocess
from subprocess import PIPE
import os.path
import shutil
import glob
import re
class RemoteRepo:
# Create a remote repo from the JSON object returned by Gitea
def __init__(self, j):
self.j = j
self.remote = True
def name(self):
return self.j["name"]
def owner(self):
return self.j["owner"]["username"]
def fullname(self):
return self.j["full_name"]
def description(self):
return self.j["description"]
def parent(self):
p = self.j["parent"]
return RemoteRepo(p) if p is not None else None
def url(self):
return f"/repos/{self.owner}/{self.name}"
def clone_url(self, protocol):
if protocol == "ssh":
return self.j["ssh_url"]
return self.j["clone_url"]
class LocalRepo:
# Create a remote repo from the full name or path
def __init__(self, fullname):
if fullname.startswith(REPO_FOLDER + "/"):
fullname = fullname[len(REPO_FOLDER)+1:]
assert fullname.count("/") == 1
self.fullname = fullname
self.owner, self.name = fullname.split("/")
self.folder = REPO_FOLDER + "/" + fullname
self.remote = False
self.makefile = self.folder + "/giteapc.make"
def path(fullname):
return REPO_FOLDER + "/" + fullname
def exists(fullname):
return os.path.exists(LocalRepo.path(fullname))
def all():
return [ LocalRepo(path) for path in glob.glob(REPO_FOLDER + f"/*/*") ]
def clone(r, method="https"):
src = r.clone_url(method)
dst = LocalRepo.path(r.fullname)
cmd = ["git", "clone", src, dst]
run(cmd, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
return LocalRepo(r.fullname)
except ProcessError as e:
# On error, delete the failed clone
raise e
# Git commands
def _git(self, command, *args, **kwargs):
return run(["git", "-C", self.folder] + command,
*args, **kwargs)
def is_on_branch(self):
self._git(["symbolic-ref", "-q", "HEAD"], stdout=PIPE)
return True
except ProcessError as e:
if e.returncode == 1:
return False
raise e
def fetch(self):
def pull(self):
if self.is_on_branch():
def describe(self, tags=True, all=False, always=True):
args = ["--tags"]*tags + ["--all"]*all + ["--always"]*always
p = self._git(["describe"] + args, stdout=PIPE)
return p.stdout.decode("utf-8").strip()
def checkout(self, version):
self._git(["checkout", version], stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
def branches(self):
proc = self._git(["branch"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
local = proc.stdout.decode("utf-8").split("\n")
local = [ b[2:] for b in local if b ]
proc = self._git(["branch", "-r"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
remote = proc.stdout.decode("utf-8").split("\n")
remote = [ b[9:] for b in remote
if b and b.startswith(" origin/") and "/HEAD " not in b ]
remote = [ b for b in remote if b not in local ]
return [ {"name": b, "local": True } for b in local ] + \
[ {"name": b, "local": False} for b in remote ]
def tags(self):
proc = self._git(["tag", "--list"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
tags = proc.stdout.decode("utf-8").split("\n")
return [ {"name": t} for t in tags if t ]
# Make commands
def make(self, target, env=None):
with ChangeDirectory(self.folder):
return run(["make", "-f", "giteapc.make", target], env=env)
def set_config(self, config):
source = self.folder + f"/giteapc-config.make"
target = self.folder + f"/giteapc-config-{config}.make"
if os.path.exists(source):
os.symlink(target, source)
# Metadata
def metadata(self):
RE_METADATA = re.compile(r'^\s*#\s*giteapc\s*:\s*(.*)$')
metadata = dict()
with open(self.folder + "/giteapc.make", "r") as fp:
makefile = fp.read()
for line in makefile.split("\n"):
m = re.match(RE_METADATA, line)
if m is None:
for assignment in m[1].split():
name, value = assignment.split("=", 1)
if name not in metadata:
metadata[name] = value
metadata[name] += "," + value
return metadata
def dependencies(self):
metadata = self.metadata()
if "depends" in metadata:
return metadata["depends"].split(",")
return []