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Darks b80f2a117a
fxconv API accepts PIL.Image.Image 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir ce78d4814c
fxconv: add support for script mode (-s) 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir c9dd9fad18
fxconv: add support for libimg images on fx-9860G 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir c79b3b1a9d
fxconv: add suport for libimg images and deprecate --image 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir b86b96aa4a
fxsdk: split additional libs into LIBS_FX and LIBS_CG 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir eeeb0fa6b1
fxos: remove fxos from this repository 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir b29eea1df0
build: fix a mising directory requirement 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir 3598f7c387
fxconv: implement support for the p4 and p8 profiles 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir 7d31294dc6
build: rewrite PREFIX in at compile-time 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir e66035da44 fxsdk: use sh-elf by default in project.cfg 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir 7cc4199342
fxconv: be even smarter with toolchain/arch detection 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir 15712b4f5b
fxsdk: add an option to choose add-in output path 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir 46b19bab62
fxsdk: new build system 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir d74785d34d
fxconv: add toolchain/arch/section command-line parameters 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir 4f145cb202
fxsdk: add assembler compilation rules 3 years ago
Lephe 627fe14290
fxsdk: add update command and fix LD flag order 3 years ago
Lephe e1ddf0f452 fxconv: code review and color image conversion 3 years ago
Lephe bf2eff80d2 vocabulary and formatting 3 years ago
Lephe d022755c2a fxsdk: fix the source selection wildcard 3 years ago
Lephe c11003eead fxsdk: detect source files recursively 3 years ago
Lephe fae60c518c default project: fix stupidity (#2) 3 years ago
Lephe 67e80fc081 default project: use the short color names (#2) 3 years ago
Lephe 14bef439ab fxsdk fxconv: various improvements 3 years ago
Lephe f8dc830adc fxconv: proportional fonts 3 years ago
Lephe dc58a4a036 add a file 3 years ago
Lephe ab3a9cd274 fxos: don't assume __VA_OPT__ is supported 3 years ago
Lephe 9be34ef9e5 make: change options for POSIX/Mac OS compatibility 3 years ago
Lephe 7efd917cf2 use a variant of <endian.h> on Mac OS 3 years ago
Lephe 5cdc20ed1f configure: proper shebang 3 years ago
Lephe abcc5f07c9 fxsdk: add shortcuts and update help message (#1) 4 years ago
Lephe eb6644b00b fxsdk: add smarter install commands (#1) 4 years ago
Lephe c4f659071c fxsdk: add smart build commands (#1) 4 years ago
Lephe 32239c3dfe fxsdk: basic script, project creation and build (#1) 4 years ago
Lephe 86a9350a17 fxconv: minor fixes 4 years ago
Lephe 25db504c22 fxos: bring disassembling to a new level 4 years ago
Lephe ed8e199f47 fix: include <endian.h> for musl's static definitions 4 years ago
Lephe d19025bbc9 fxsdk: initial push for gint v2 (WIP but mostly done) 4 years ago