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  Lephe 9291855c87 style: improvements on forms and responsiveness 1 year ago
  Lephe 255fe82032 reponsive: clean up light.css 1 year ago
  lephe 9fe1104b45 admin: more on user and group generation 1 year ago
  lephe 9faabea997 templates: slightly restructure and improve design 1 year ago
  lephe 07a685f3c4 header: place elements as discussed with @Dark-Storm 1 year ago
  lephe 328cf887b0 style: something that makes sense 1 year ago
  Dark-Storm a51f2265b1
Ajout de la recherche. Modif des redirections de login 1 year ago
  Eragon 79257ddf56
rename all .html file to filename.html.j2 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 16d846a4df
Django est mort, vive Flask ! 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 2da2663726
Refactorisation des templates 2 years ago