101 Commits (7a93f639fee1317e13460f7a80ffec655a47e5a8)

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  Eragon 7a93f639fe
Updating requirements file and adding a new one 1 year ago
  Eragon b6d758c197 Merge branch 'master-fork' 2 years ago
  Lephe 725e768520 groups: move default group data to a suitable place 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm c17212da13
Merge branch 'master' of git.planet-casio.com:devs/PCv5 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 2d0bce5d75
Correction de #20 2 years ago
  Lephe 8211183b5c templates: add a pluralize filter 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 0c4f0f6748
Modifications en vrac 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 07d2f87169
Changement du orange bg-orange 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 7745dc332f
Réinsertion du footer dans le <container> 2 years ago
  Lephe 834403038b privs: add methods to properly delete users and groups 2 years ago
  Lephe 7921bb5765 privs: create privileges from groups and users 2 years ago
  Lephe 4f02160ebb navbar: fix bad behaviour when the user is authenticated 2 years ago
  Lephe 255fe82032 reponsive: clean up light.css 2 years ago
  lephe 78b4299207 responsive: unify common style and light.css (WIP) 2 years ago
  lephe 9fe1104b45 admin: more on user and group generation 2 years ago
  lephe ceedcb60b0 fonts: add the Cantarell font to some pages 2 years ago
  lephe 9faabea997 templates: slightly restructure and improve design 2 years ago
  lephe 07a685f3c4 header: place elements as discussed with @Dark-Storm 2 years ago
  lephe d33b90aff2 privs: fix #14 (rebased from work by @Dark-Storm) 2 years ago
  lephe c201b3adbd style: minor improvements 2 years ago
  lephe 328cf887b0 style: something that makes sense 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 62729e6058
Ajouts dans le panel admin 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm eca5fe488b
Ajouts dans le panel admin 2 years ago
  Eragon bf90e9c720
Updating .env, run_dev script and REQUIREMENT.md file 2 years ago
  Eragon 870ec32887
Merge branch 'master-fork' 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 936d0e2e8e
Correction du ticket #15 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 912750d97e
Ce truc n'a rien à faire ici 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm ec748c41e7
Correction des EOF 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 584b1188d8
Grosses modifs sur le design. Ajout des routes /user 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm cd533a4ea3
Ajout d'un décorateur @priv_required 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 2089a09753
Ajout du support des avatars. Y'a un peu de nettoyage sur le chemin de stockage 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 62ccaa23d6
Modifications sur la gestion du compte 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 1e28547b9e
Updates sur le formulaire de gestion du compte 2 years ago
  lephe 21e0679557 admin: start a panel with a database filler 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 5777ab1e78
Amélioration : redirection intelligente au login/logout 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 46ac8fcd1f
Redefinition des formulaires 2 years ago
  lephe 77d5004ae9 Replace old 'master' with up-to-date 'tests_ds'. 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 2f702ba97e
Redefinition des routes 2 years ago
  lephe 98def3a302 privs: Document the core privileges 2 years ago
  lephe 6affd025b8 privs: start working on groups and privileges 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm a51f2265b1
Ajout de la recherche. Modif des redirections de login 2 years ago
  lephe 2311c7f3d8 users: review code and expand a little 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 2f848501fe
Changement du style des formulaires. Le form de login est ajouté automatiquement au rendu. 2 years ago
  lephe 52fba7be4d Merge branch 'tests_ds' of https://git.planet-casio.com/devs/PCv5 into tests_ds 2 years ago
  lephe 0299354a02 db: Move to PostgreSQL to support migrations 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 1d046a3a94
Retiré un truc qui n'a rien à faire là 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 89e64cd48f
Petite modif 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 2585dd6fff
Dernier diagramme 2 years ago
  Eragon a061ed0d42
Add scripts 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 04c2bd50c4
Avancées sur la page de modification du profil 2 years ago