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  Eragon fdbd6577a8
Add Pipfile 1 year ago
  Dark-Storm ec748c41e7
Correction des EOF 1 year ago
  Dark-Storm 584b1188d8
Grosses modifs sur le design. Ajout des routes /user 1 year ago
  lephe 0299354a02 db: Move to PostgreSQL to support migrations 1 year ago
  Eragon a061ed0d42
Add scripts 2 years ago
  Eragon fd2bcec6c4
Add Sublime files into gitignore 2 years ago
  Black Rook 3ba77be224 Added the dynamic update script to .gitignore. 2 years ago
  Lephe d302968c2d Added the runtime files to the .gitignore. 2 years ago
  Eragon 57098fbb12
Add Pipenv and Pipfile.lock in gitignore 2 years ago
  Eragon 99d95c34b0 Update .gitignore 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 2843381940
Retrait des merdes venv et migrations 2 years ago
  Dark-Storm 2da2663726
Refactorisation des templates 2 years ago
  suruq 593f6af6bb premier commit avec flask 2 years ago
  Xavier59 b9f0c34469 docstring et petites ameliorations 3 years ago