Un bridge entre la shout et l'IRC
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# Manage the IRC layer of GLaDOS
import logging, re, socket, ssl
from functools import wraps
from queue import Queue
from threading import Thread
class IRC(object):
def __init__(self, host, port):
""" Initialize an IRC wrapper """
# Public attributes
self.connected = False # Simple lock
# Private attributes
self._socket = ssl.create_default_context().wrap_socket(
socket.create_connection((host, port)),
self._inbox = Queue()
self._handler = Thread(target=self._handle)
self._callbacks = []
# Public methods
def start(self, nick, password, sasl_nick=None):
""" Start the IRC layer. Manage authentication as well """
sasl_nick = sasl_nick or nick
self._send(f"USER {nick} * * :{nick}")
self._send(f"NICK {nick}")
self._waitfor(lambda m: "NOTICE" in m and "/AUTH" in m)
self._send(f"AUTH {sasl_nick}:{password}")
self._waitfor(lambda m: "You are now logged in" in m)
self.connected = True
def run(self):
""" Handle new messages """
while True:
message = self.receive()
logging.info(f"received {message}")
if message is not None:
for event, callback in self._callbacks:
if event(message):
logging.info(f"matched {event.__name__}")
def send(self, target, message):
""" Send a message to the specified target (channel or user) """
self._send(f"PRIVMSG {target} :{message}")
def receive(self):
""" Receive a private message """
while True:
message = self._recv()
if " PRIVMSG " in message:
msg = IRCMessage(message)
if msg:
return msg
def join(self, channel):
""" Join a channel """
self._send(f"JOIN {channel}")
logging.info(f"joined {channel}")
def on(self, event):
""" Adds a callback to the IRC handler
Event is a function taking in parameter a IRCMessage and returning
True if the callback should be executed on the message """
def callback(func):
def wrapper(message):
self._callbacks.append((event, wrapper))
logging.info(f"added callback {func.__name__}")
return wrapper
return callback
# Private methods
def _handle(self):
""" Handle raw messages from irc and manage ping """
while True:
# Get incoming messages
data = self._socket.recv(4096).decode()
# Split multiple lines
for m in data.split('\r\n'):
# Manage ping
if m.startswith("PING"):
self._send(m.replace("PING", "PONG"))
# Or add a new message to inbox
elif len(m):
logging.debug(f"received {m}")
def _send(self, raw):
""" Wrap and encode raw message to send """
def _recv(self):
m = self._inbox.get()
return m
def _waitfor(self, condition):
""" Wait for a raw message that matches the condition """
msg = self._recv()
while not condition(msg):
msg = self._recv()
return msg
class IRCMessage(object):
r = re.compile("^:(?P<author>[\w.~|]+)(?:!(?P<host>\S+))? PRIVMSG (?P<to>\S+) :(?P<text>.+)")
def __init__(self, raw):
match = re.search(IRCMessage.r, raw)
if match:
self.author = match.group("author")
self.to = match.group("to")
self.text = match.group("text")
logging.debug(f"sucessfully parsed {raw} into {self}")
self.author = ""
self.to = ""
self.text = ""
logging.warning(f"failed to parse {raw} into valid message")
def __str__(self):
return f"{self.author} to {self.to}: {self.text}"