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How to install your ‘Pycloud’ with development environment:

  • Install python3 (need python3 in PATH) and virtualenv (pip3 install virtualenv).
  • Create your cloud directory and enter in it.
  • Create a virtual environment (python -m venv venv or python3 -m venv venv).
  • Set your virtual environment (virtualenv venv).
  • Activate it (Windows: venv\Script\activate, others: venv/bin/activate).
  • Download all others packages (pip3 install python-dotenv, flask, flask-wtf, flask-sqlalchemy, flask-migrate, flask-login ).
  • Paste ‘Pycloud’ project on the directory.
  • Create a ‘.flaskenv’ file and write in it:

(And change the secret key value)

  • Initialize your Data Base (flask db init)
  • Initialize tables of your data base (flask db migrate -m "users table", flask db upgrade, flask db migrate -m "file table", flask db upgrade)
  • Create an admin account (python3 or python, from app.database import *, u = User(username = 'Admin', isAdmin = True), u.set_password('Pass'), db.session.add(u), db.session.commit())
  • Start Pycloud (flask run).
  • Go on
  • Enjoy!