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  KikooDX d35e62b1d7 The mighty -4 return... 1 week ago
  KikooDX b4dc69ced1 Added the mighty -4... 1 week ago
  KikooDX 2ab53c8116 The cursor is now always to the bottom right with fancy display. 1 week ago
  KikooDX 49fc0f6a4f Redundant operation. 1 week ago
  KikooDX febd7dd1ec Pad now works properly. 1 week ago
  KikooDX f1f664f716 Deleted artifact debug line. Implemented fancy for Pad. Need testing on the calc. 1 week ago
  KikooDX 8ac28a47f4 Made a test version of fancy display for Screen. 1 week ago
  KikooDX c6299aaaa0 Deleted crappy verification process. 1 week ago
  KikooDX 35d3728feb Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.planet-casio.com/KikooDX/Locate2.py 3 months ago
  KikooDX c287decd4d Indentation set to 2 spaces instead of 4 (Casio Micro Python choice) 3 months ago
  KikooDX 2a62b540e7 Ajouter '.gitignore' 3 months ago
  KikooDX 063a11302f Minor edit. 4 months ago
  KikooDX 8a041f2748 Mise à jour de 'README.md' 4 months ago
  KikooDX e96bbc37bf First commit, added source of 2.3 version (mainly Pad implemented) 4 months ago
  KikooDX 56bc97834d Initial commit 4 months ago