• Noon 0.4

    KikooDX 3 days ago 1 commits to master since this release

    Changelog :

    • New menu for enabling/disabling grass
    • Modified ~NMAP, started minimal space optimization
    • Added new subprogram, ~NANI, allow to animate/transform maps
    • New random structure (code 16), use the new animation feature
    • Minor change : ~NTUT one word changed
    • Maybe other minor modifications (map tweak, small changes)
  • Noon 0.3.1

    KikooDX 1 week ago 4 commits to master since this release

    Changelog :

    • Grass can now appear on any screen
    • Added two interactions
    • Changed graphical aspect of some zones
    • Fixed a minor glitch of ~NGRS
  • Pre-Release 0.3 4f27285004

    Noon 0.3

    KikooDX 1 week ago 8 commits to master since this release

    This version doesn’t work due to me forgetting to upload some files.

    Changelog (important changes) :

    • Implemented random grass patchs on empty areas (Lephenixnoir idea, implemented using a trick of Alexot)
    • Lowalpha psi is used for grass and some others plants (Lephenixnoir suggestion)
    • Text engine, possibility to interact with some elements of the environnement
    • Retro-compatible with 0.1 and 0.2, but new structures will not be generated
    • Created first riddle in the house using text engine, linked to the first background story element
    • More maps added, some tweaks to the overall game speed and code optimization
    • Some maps were modified to look better
  • Noon 0.2

    KikooDX 1 week ago 13 commits to master since this release

    Version submitted to the CPC#25. Changelog :

    • Menu text is in English now
    • Help menu for controls
    • Can now exit the game with [EXIT]
    • Added a hard-coded (not randomly generated yet) mega-structure (3x2 screens size)
    • Fixed a glitch which occurred sometimes when changing screens
    • Improved program speed
    • Removed the world borders from natural generation
    • Added more maps and augmented their spawn rate
  • Pre-Release 0.1 aed1466dc5

    Noon V.0.1

    KikooDX 1 week ago 14 commits to master since this release

    Première version de cette soumission au CPC, entièrement fonctionnel. Un jeu d’exploration avec pour but de cartographier un territoire inconnu (système de cartographie non inclut dans le jeu). Utilisez le document .ods fournit ou dessinez votre carte à la main :D Beaucoup de personnes risquent de ne pas comprendre l’intérêt du jeu, mais croyez-moi créer à la main une carte est un “plaisir” de plus en plus rare dans les jeux modernes. Tous les fichiers sont nécessaires au bon fonctionnement du jeu (hormis raw_maps & empty_map.ods). Ne lisez pas le code du jeu, raw_maps ou la matrice A, vous ne ferez que vous spoiler.

    ‘NOON est le programme à lancer. Contrôles : [REPLAY] pour se déplacer [OPTN] pour activer/désactiver la boussole [EXIT] pour quitter