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  KikooDX 3d2221ffec Glue is even better. Glue, the Game™ 3 months ago
  KikooDX 80df629371 Minor water bugfix. 3 months ago
  KikooDX ed8977448b Buff glue. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 0509023d76 Fancy water, but can't jump out of it. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 318a4e3626 Even better glue. Praise the glue. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 42e7c4f9d2 Flags are no longer hardcoded in mod calls, improved glue. 3 months ago
  KikooDX d1047c1bca Glue on ceiling and walls cancel gravity (it's cool) 3 months ago
  KikooDX 5c54b13a6e Cleaner modifier system almost done. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 0ec3cb12f8 Modifiers are now "side dependent". Only implemented for floor. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 7bce93d092 Merge branch 'gravityvar' 3 months ago
  KikooDX 96d3472404 Moved player_set_vars to player_step, thanks KBD2. 3 months ago
  KikooDX cfeb0a423a Make gravity a player variable, and everything fall appart. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 3ba2f8ce24 Cleanup 3 months ago
  KikooDX d26c200ade Vector functions should now be inline 3 months ago
  KikooDX 9944f34055 Increased precision, replaced -Os flag by -O3 3 months ago
  KikooDX 5bc5ee8b22 Better vec_clamp 3 months ago
  KikooDX c9548c1a67 Start position support. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 6595a27503 Clipping improvement 3 months ago
  KikooDX d00fa96a9d Background color per level, fixed a few warns. 3 months ago
  KikooDX e67a9eb9c5 Update assets-fx. 3 months ago
  KikooDX d4cdf05554 Update tileset and misc. changes. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 01d263aa27 Fix jump buffering exploit. 3 months ago
  KikooDX fc8eb2b31c Better glue. Fixed ice. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 9dcf3c732a Modifiers are working. Ice is completely broken though. 3 months ago
  KikooDX e1f6d108e2 Separated player vars, weird stuff happens. 3 months ago
  KikooDX bffaf264dd Moved player init code main.c->player.c 3 months ago
  KikooDX 493eacdf55 Misc. and faster camera. 3 months ago
  KikooDX c0633f4346 Spikes! Well chains. Whatever. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 19a989d706 Massena graphics (uwu), "how I broke the Makefile" 3 months ago
  KikooDX 9fb6e7e7ed Lephe' does Makefile magics. 3 months ago
  KikooDX c71dee50ac Update levels. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 1f5f15ed05 Add chain tile. 3 months ago
  KikooDX 39b96a5aef Tiled level editor support. 3 months ago
  KikooDX ffc2b2d594 Full tileset support. 3 months ago
  KikooDX b572b0f43d Update README.md 3 months ago
  KikooDX adcea66e87 Create submodules for assets-cg and assets-fx 3 months ago
  KikooDX 70e2291348 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.planet-casio.com/KikooDX/jtmm2 3 months ago
  KikooDX c3fe17824c Cool kid make boring stuff. Cool kid no cool anymore :( 3 months ago
  KikooDX 1844b66e09 Simplified a bit and cleaned up collision code 3 months ago
  KikooDX 8804a12a90 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.planet-casio.com/KikooDX/jtmm2 3 months ago
  KikooDX f8c6953803 Tile and bitmask system base 3 months ago
  KikooDX 330d66f3f0 Horizontal solid clipping works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 3 months ago
  KikooDX 4818b21ec8 Clipping doesn't work. 3 months ago
  KikooDX d4c1575ca9 The player can now vary their jump height + cleaning 4 months ago
  KikooDX 8011f9d126 Merge pull request 'update assets-fx' (#2) from Tituya/jtmm2:master into master 4 months ago
  Tituya 33e93e7b22 update assets-fx 4 months ago
  KikooDX 282f466bb1 Add GNU General Public License v3.0 4 months ago
  KikooDX 8d9dd1a338 Merge pull request 'update assets-cg' (#1) from Tituya/jtmm2:master into master 4 months ago
  Tituya 347bc5c12e update assets-cg 4 months ago
  KikooDX cdb57c4fc1 Cancel confusion effect 4 months ago