This is a project which aims to document the casio OS partially
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Casio documentation project

This static website is available on the casio bible.

Description is a python script who define some macros for simplify writing :

  • includecode(path, flavor) : it's for include a file code example :
    {{ includecode("/path/to/file.cpp", "cpp") }}

  • includemd(path) : it's for include over .md file (like #include in C) example :
    {{ includemd("/path/to/") }}

  • downloadlink(contain, url) : it's for create a download link example :
    {{ downloadlin("zip file here", "/path/to/") }}

mkdocs.yml is here for define how mkdocs build the static site.
Check the official site of mkdocs for more informations.


  • mkdocs for build the static site.
  • mkdocs-material is needed for beautiful CSS (pip install mkdocs-material).
  • mkdocs-macros-plugin is needed for use the macros (pip install mkdocs-macros-plugin).
  • mkdocs-pdf-export-plugin is needed for convert all .md in PDF format (mkdocs-pdf-export-plugin).
  • I think that's all :)