Port Graph 90+E du port PRIZM de CGDOOM par Martin Poupe.
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This is CGDoom, a DOOM engine for the fx-CG 50 that brings new levels of DOOM
performance, compatibility and goodness to the platform!

CGDoom is one iteration of a pretty long lineage of DOOM source ports:
* Mrakoplaz created nDoom for the TI-Nspire based on the original MS-DOS game.
* Critor then ported nDoom to the Nspire CX (now CX II), adding support for all
commercial games running on the original engine.
* MPoupe then made a playable port called CGDoom to the fx-CG 10/20, which is
commendable given the steep hardware limitations.
* ComputerNerd made the first attempts at an fx-CG 50 version of CGDoom.
* Lephe created this fx-CG 50 version with a fair number of improvements,
supported by extensive feedback and guidance from Computer_Freak_2004.

CGDoom is licensed under GPLv2 as a derivative work of both the original DOOM
sources (GPL) and nDoom (GPLv2). See LICENSE.

Games officially supported:
-> Doom (shareware version) [doom.wad]
-> Ultimate Doom [doomu.wad]
-> Ultimate Doom (split) [doomu1.wad, doomu2.wad, doomu3.wad, doomu4.wad]
-> Doom II: Hell On Earth [doom2.wad*]

Games with an asterisk* should be played with "Use experimental RAM" enabled.
They can sometimes be played without it, but risk running out of memory.

Status for other games:
-> The Plutonia experiment: not tested
-> TNT: Evilution: not tested
-> Heretic: not tested
-> Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders: some crashes
-> Fallout: not tested
-> Pinochestein 3D: works at least partially
-> Counter-strike: works at least partially
-> HellRaiser: not tested
-> Freedoom phase 1: E1 works, E2 crashes

Technical support TODO:
* Built-in overclocking?
* Auto frameskip?
* Improve SDL2 build for video capture
* Darken background in menu (some code does that somewhere?)

CGDoom used to be compiled with the mini-SDK. However, it's become quite
difficult to get a copy of that. Instead, this port is built with a modified
PrizmSDK from Jonimoose/libfxcg [1]. I attempted to list differences at first,
but there are quite a lot of bugfixes so I might simply push it later.

[1] https://github.com/Jonimoose/libfxcg/