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#! /usr/bin/env bash
TAG=$(printf "\x1b[36m<giteapc>\x1b[0m")
# Download the source code
cd "$(mktemp -d)"
curl "$URL" -o giteapc-master.tar.gz
tar -xzf giteapc-master.tar.gz && cd giteapc
# Bootstrap the program by installing it with itself (allowing updates)
python3 install Lephenixnoir/GiteaPC
# Check whether the bin folder is already in the PATH
if [[ ":$PATH:" =~ ":$PREFIX/bin:" ]]; then
echo "$TAG $PREFIX/bin is already in your PATH, we're good to go!"
exit 0
# Try to find a suitable startup file to extend the PATH in
candidates=".bashrc .zshrc .bash_profile .profile .zprofile"
for c in $candidates; do
[[ -f "$HOME/$c" ]] && default="$HOME/$c"
# Suggest to add the path to binaries to the PATH at startup
cat <<EOF
$TAG In order to use programs installed by GiteaPC, you will need to add their
$TAG install folder to your PATH. This can be done automatically when you log
$TAG in by adding the following command to your startup file:
$TAG export PATH="\$PATH:$PREFIX/bin"
$TAG -> Press Enter to add this command to $default, or
$TAG -> Type another file name to add this command to, or
$TAG -> Type "-" to skip setting the PATH entirely.
read -p "> " startup_file
[[ -z "$startup_file" ]] && startup_file=$default
if [[ "$startup_file" == "-" ]]; then
echo "$TAG Skipped setting the PATH."
echo "export PATH=\"\$PATH:$PREFIX/bin\"" >> $startup_file
echo "$TAG Set the PATH in $startup_file, this will take effect next login."