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$(CUR_SRCS) += invtrig.c \
e_acoshl.c e_powl.c k_tanl.c s_exp2l.c \
e_atanhl.c e_lgammal_r.c e_sinhl.c s_asinhl.c s_expm1l.c \
e_coshl.c e_log10l.c e_tgammal.c \
e_expl.c e_log2l.c k_cosl.c s_log1pl.c s_tanhl.c \
e_logl.c k_sinl.c s_erfl.c
# s_remquol.c e_fmodl.c s_truncl.c
# e_hypotl.c s_floorl.c s_nextafterl.c s_ceill.c s_modfl.c
ifneq ($(OS), WINNT)
$(CUR_SRCS) += s_nanl.c