Fork of the OpenLibm math library with fx-9860G and fx-CG 50 support.
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# giteapc: version=1 depends=Lephenixnoir/fxsdk,Lephenixnoir/sh-elf-gcc
-include giteapc-config.make
# Use the fxSDK's default paths unless specified otherwise on the command line
LIBDIR ?= $(shell fxsdk path lib)
INCDIR ?= $(shell fxsdk path include)
FLAGS := USEGCC=1 TOOLPREFIX=sh-elf- CC=sh-elf-gcc AR=sh-elf-ar \
libdir="$(LIBDIR)" includedir="$(INCDIR)"
@ true
@ make $(FLAGS)
@ make $(FLAGS) install-static-superh install-headers-superh
@ echo "uninstall not supported for OpenLibm, skipping"
.PHONY: configure build install uninstall