A simple OutRun on Casio Graph 90+E
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OutRun : a simple race game for Casio Graph 90+E

OutRun is a very simple race game based on the classical Outrun-type license, very famous in the 90's. The purpose of the game is to drive as fast as possible on various highways, in the middle of the traffic.

Installing and compiling the game

Provided you would like to compile the game Addin, starting from the code, some prerequities are mandatory :

  • fxlibc in its @dev version is mandatory (to get correct implementation of <errno.h>)
  • µSTL is also mandatory
  • libprof is also needed to get accurate timing

Installing with GiteaPC

fxlibc can be installed using GiteaPC by using

% giteapc install Vhex-Kernel-Core/fxlibc@dev

µSTL can then be installed by typing in a terminal

% giteapc install Slyvtt/uSTL_2.3

libprof can be built and installed with

% giteapc install Lephenixnoir/libprof


Simply run fxsdk build-cg. The fxSDK will invoke CMake with a suitable toolchain file while exposing CMake modules for the calculator.

% fxsdk build-cg

Please note that currently there is no compile target for fx-9860G