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  Lephenixnoir a38b0349d6 expose display mode and inline mode 2 years ago
  Lephenixnoir 36d8defe3e handle inline vs display mode in the class table 2 years ago
  Lephenixnoir 51b7ba58ee square root and jumbo matrix example 2 years ago
  Lephenixnoir 3d88e387cb expose a few more spacing parameters 2 years ago
  Lephenixnoir d54f17fab2 add environment nodes and matrices 2 years ago
  Lephenixnoir 9be3414e96 implement environments and refactor 2 years ago
  Lephenixnoir 9b14ec8755 core: add vectors and limits 2 years ago
  Lephenixnoir a72c09e100 core: support angle brackets \left< and \right> 2 years ago
  Lephenixnoir 44549f132f initial commit: basic parsing, flow, rendering and some nodes 2 years ago