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Lephenixnoir 4296ef0872
fxsdk: adjustment for #9 4 months ago
Sylvain PILLOT 2c0815077c Added a specific charset (extascii) to get access to 256 characters of the ascii table 4 months ago
Lephenixnoir a7046966da
fxconv: fix double object file size for RGB565 images 5 months ago
Lephenixnoir e4289f6c4c
fxconv: remove alpha field of images 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir b29c494715
fxconv: rewrite image converter, forcing alpha value 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir 58cb14157d
fxconv: new image format (and libimg stride update) 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir 6fd943ea67
fxconv: simplify alpha assignment in P8/P4 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir 6d2dcea900
fxconv: "p4" and "p8" now select best new format 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir 6788a7b5fe
fxsdk: round RGB16 images to even widths 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir 90d5e723e0
fxconv: explicit error when no metadata is set for a file 10 months ago
Lephenixnoir 41c7ac0aec
fxconv: allow custom-type to work as type 10 months ago
Lephenixnoir f17d741d54
fxconv: fix CLI which was broken since 4d46661d3 10 months ago
Lephenixnoir bbf716b031
fxconv: resolve name_regex in the fxconv-metadata.txt API 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir 4d46661d3b
fxconv: expose fxconv-metadata.txt parsing functions in API 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir 6dae13007e
fxconv: "fix" palette remap with non-continous "P" image 12 months ago
Lephenixnoir cdeefa1de6
fxconv: fix conversion of char-spacing attribute 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir 317b82348f
fxconv: add support for {P4,P8}_{RGB565,RGB565A} for Azur 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir 68be7fe522
fxconv: allow section specification from fxconv-metadata.txt 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir 942c39be4e
fxconv: allow any tree of referencing structures 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir bc7cd928f4
fxconv: add synonyms Structure=ObjectData and ptr=ref 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir a17eaabbd8
fxconv: allow adding symbols and ObjectData to ObjectData 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir fcc6f33f9b
fxconv: expose standard converters 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir c53a3fcdec
fxconv: return data in standard conversions 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 0acea3baf6
fxconv: allow output with assembly but no data 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 64ebb69f9b
fxconv: import specifically importlib.util 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir ddf05cfadb
fxconv: allow adding bytearray to ObjectData 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir ed10e727df
fxconv: enable custom types in the fxconv-metadata.txt system 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 8259e2dfc8
fxconv: add a generic name_regex parameter to simplify naming 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 2596a53c6b
(irrelevant fixes) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 47504ff179
fxconv: replace _encode_{word,long} with u16, u32 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir ee7c5d63ca
(small cleanup) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 42f2b5c175
fxconv: support metadata discovery in fxconv-metadata.txt 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir f461c08a17
fxconv: introduce an ObjectData interface to avoid assembly 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir ee9c459c69
fxconv: add custom conversions 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir e3af6a5d4b
fxconv: add character spacing in topti fonts 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 66d88bef7a
fxconv: better support for indexed images 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 84f77c3136
fxconv: support Unicode fonts 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 77c277721f
fxconv: support Unicode in topti fonts (WIP) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir bd49e9506e
fxconv: fix temporary files not being removed 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 822b5107e5
fxconv: expose Area and Grid in the API 2 years ago
Darks b80f2a117a
fxconv API accepts PIL.Image.Image 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir ce78d4814c
fxconv: add support for script mode (-s) 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir c9dd9fad18
fxconv: add support for libimg images on fx-9860G 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir c79b3b1a9d
fxconv: add suport for libimg images and deprecate --image 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir 3598f7c387
fxconv: implement support for the p4 and p8 profiles 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir 7cc4199342
fxconv: be even smarter with toolchain/arch detection 3 years ago
Lephenixnoir d74785d34d
fxconv: add toolchain/arch/section command-line parameters 3 years ago
Lephe e1ddf0f452 fxconv: code review and color image conversion 3 years ago
Lephe 14bef439ab fxsdk fxconv: various improvements 3 years ago
Lephe f8dc830adc fxconv: proportional fonts 3 years ago