Add-in development tools for fx-9860G and fx-CG 50, to use with GCC and gint.
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// fxlink:ud2 - UDisks2 functions
#ifndef FXLINK_UD2_H
#define FXLINK_UD2_H
#include <udisks/udisks.h>
#include "config.h"
#include "properties.h"
#include "filter.h"
#include "util.h"
/* ud2_properties(): Determine properties of a UDisks2 USB drive */
properties_t ud2_properties(UDisksDrive *drive);
/* ud2_unique_matching(): Device matching the provided filter, if unique
Similar to usb_unique_matching(), please refer to "usb.h" for details.
There are just many more inputs and outputs. */
int ud2_unique_matching(filter_t const *filter, UDisksClient *udc,
UDisksManager *udm, UDisksBlock **block, UDisksDrive **drive,
UDisksFilesystem **fs);
/* ud2_unique_wait(): Wait for a device matching the provided filter to connect
Like usb_unique_wait(), please see "usb.h" for details. */
int ud2_unique_wait(filter_t const *filter, delay_t *delay, UDisksClient *udc,
UDisksManager *udm, UDisksBlock **block, UDisksDrive **drive,
UDisksFilesystem **fs);
// Iteration on UDisks2 devices
typedef struct {
/* Current block, associated drive and filesystem */
UDisksBlock *block;
UDisksDrive *drive;
UDisksFilesystem *fs;
/* Device properties */
properties_t props;
/* Whether the iteration has finished */
bool done;
/* Internal indicators: list of devices and current index */
gchar **devices;
int index;
/* Client for object queries */
UDisksClient *udc;
} ud2_iterator_t;
/* ud2_iter_start(): Start an iteration on UDisks2 devices
If the first step fails, returns an iterator with (done = true) and sets
(*error) to true; otherwise, sets (*error) to false. */
ud2_iterator_t ud2_iter_start(UDisksClient *udc, UDisksManager *udm,
bool *error);
/* ud2_iter_next(): Iterate to the next UDisks2 device */
void ud2_iter_next(ud2_iterator_t *it);
/* Convenience for-loop macro for iteration */
#define for_udisks2_devices(NAME, udc, udm, error) \
for(ud2_iterator_t NAME = ud2_iter_start(udc, udm, error); \
!NAME.done; ud2_iter_next(&NAME)) if(!NAME.done)
#endif /* FXLINK_UD2_H */