147 Commits (compat)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lephe 95a3345326
keyboard: add keydown() in the model 1 month ago
  Lephe 86cd9b98d4
small improvements 1 month ago
  Lephe a05d3416f0
std: support integer size formats (hh, h, l, ll) 1 month ago
  Lephe fc7aab6eba
dma: finalize dma_memset() and dma_memcpy() 1 month ago
  Lephe 15558c8fb3
support data loading in ILRAM, XRAM and YRAM 1 month ago
  Lephe bb77e4588d
dma: fix freezes when transferring to/from IL memory 1 month ago
  Lephe 552b9b9a43
dma: only expose API on fxcg50 1 month ago
  Lephe 5630814897
core: allow custom panics and exception catching 2 months ago
  Lephe 9a4ae4c80a
minor new definitions 2 months ago
  Lephe 4a8ba82fab
truly support custom toolchains (almost) 2 months ago
  Lephe ef0e5e32f8
render: add one-parameter dvline() and dhline() 2 months ago
  Lephe 61e68d01bb
expose more platform-agnostic code 2 months ago
  lephe b9cba1d00a
style, formatting, font 2 months ago
  lephe e1aca8d89b
exc: add exception handlers, use them in the DMA 2 months ago
  lephe 6d54a5fe0a dma: add exception handler and dma_memset() 2 months ago
  lephe 652637d475 bopti: add support for r5g6b5 and r5g6b5a on fxcg50 2 months ago
  lephe 62a49a543e topti: spacing bug fix on fxcg50 2 months ago
  lephe b3cbb0a43f dma: add support for all six channels (merges #1) 3 months ago
  lephe ab0fa06a1d bopti: fix bug in non-zero stride renders 3 months ago
  lephe 2e17b77e56 bopti: first fxcg50 version with r5g6b5 and r5g6b5a 3 months ago
  lephe 64dbe6021d some formatting and comment updates 3 months ago
  Antoine 8cbd5be038 Ajout de la fonction srtcat et modification du 0 de la police de la Graph 90+E 3 months ago
  lephe 62ae7e19d4 gray: considerably improve gray visuals 3 months ago
  lephe 27f773ff7c bopti: account for layer count in initial offset 3 months ago
  lephe 1cf5bf514a bopti: add gray support for all four profiles 3 months ago
  lephe 1906329552 topti: fix C_LIGHTEN and C_DARKEN 3 months ago
  lephe 144ff90e37 gray: add gpixel() and gline() 3 months ago
  lephe d7c33b12a5 topti: return previously-configured font in dfont() 3 months ago
  lephe ae4f7af172 gray: add engine, basic drawing and text 3 months ago
  lephe 705854da39 getkey: exclude other keys during a repetition 3 months ago
  lephe 1697998a9c tmu: improve code style and clear masks 3 months ago
  lephe c80debacd7 keyboard stdio: some fixes 3 months ago
  lephe 1685813078 libc: fix a pointer overflow in kprint 3 months ago
  lephe ff2db385a8 TODO update and miscellaneous style 3 months ago
  lephe 8dbdd32adb keyboard: finalize getkey() 3 months ago
  lephe 2d7a6f154e libc: implement a compliant formatted printer 3 months ago
  lephe 31ade70c42 tmu: export definitions, clean stop, expose address 3 months ago
  lephe 7e09e37938 libc: implement malloc() etc. through syscalls 3 months ago
  lephe 24fbeab55b core: provide MPU type on unknown platforms 3 months ago
  lephe d9c32b2b05 libc: split standard headers properly 3 months ago
  lephe bbe51f9a34 r61524: stay compatible with sh3eb-elf 4 months ago
  lephe be415fb4b3 rename 'clock' module 'cpg' and move sleep_us() to tmu 4 months ago
  lephe 3c7a8891d0 render: rename dimage_opt() into dsubimage() 4 months ago
  lephe eece35566e core: add BFile syscalls 4 months ago
  lephe 3d362bb0bf defs: remove useless definitions 4 months ago
  lephe 5a575a278f render: use shorter color names 4 months ago
  lephe bfbbc440fd bootlog: fill with spaces, not NULs 4 months ago
  lephe 3324d58afa core: add a hardware detection interface 4 months ago
  lephe 7798f276ae render-cg: make the 8x9 font the default 4 months ago
  lephe f8d69dd56a display: add a dupdate_noint() for exceptions handlers 4 months ago