8 Commits (compat)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Lephe 4485e7f865
core, tmu: add gint_switch(), return to menu, and improve timer code 1 year ago
Lephe d655aa934f
core: slightly better integration of BFile calls 2 years ago
Alice 32aef78600 core: add BFile_FindFirst, Next and Close syscalls 2 years ago
Alice 07e2de981a core: add BFile_Size syscall 2 years ago
lephe ff2db385a8 TODO update and miscellaneous style 2 years ago
lephe 7e09e37938 libc: implement malloc() etc. through syscalls 2 years ago
lephe eece35566e core: add BFile syscalls 2 years ago
lephe f33cb3cf80 core: better bootlog API and implementation 3 years ago