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Lephe 03ef59521c
dma: add support for standard DMA access to SPU memory
* Mark SPU memory as sleep-blocking.
* Perform 4-byte accesses only in dma_memset() and dma_memcpy() (32-byte
  accesses freeze as one would expect).

This change does *NOT* implement support for SPU's integrated DMAC.
2021-06-17 14:32:27 +02:00
Lephe acc35d774f
dma: add an asynchronous API
This change adds asynchronous capabilities to the DMA API. Previously,
transfers would start asynchronously but could only be completed by a
call to dma_transfer_wait(). The API now supports a callback, as well
as the dma_transfer_sync() variant, to be consistent with the upcoming
USB API that has both _sync and _async versions of functions.

The interrupt handler of the DMA was changed to include a return to
userland, which is required to perform the callback.

* dma_transfer() is now an obsolete synonym for dma_transfer_async()
  with no callback.
* dma_transfer_noint() is now a synonym for dma_transfer_atomic(), for
  consistency with the upcoming USB API.
2021-05-12 09:17:24 +02:00
Lephe fc7aab6eba
dma: finalize dma_memset() and dma_memcpy()
Adds support for dma_memcpy(), and uses a proper ILRAM allocation scheme
(static linking here) for the temporary buffer in dma_memset().
2019-09-15 19:30:57 +02:00
Lephe bb77e4588d
dma: fix freezes when transferring to/from IL memory
The IL memory is unavailable when the processor goes to sleep, causing
any involved DMA transfer to stall. The dma_transfer_wait() normally
sleeps to save battery power, but this causes the whole system to freeze
and never wake up.

This change lets dma_transfer_wait() decide dynamically whether to sleep
or spinlock. There is no concrete improvement over dma_transfer_noint()
when using IL memory, but it makes dma_transfer() fully generic.

Obviously the same goes for X and Y memory.
2019-09-15 15:20:23 +02:00
lephe e1aca8d89b
exc: add exception handlers, use them in the DMA
This change introduces exception handlers that default to a fatal error
with an on-screen description of the exception and some debugging

It also adds the dprint() function as a definitely-needed helper and
removes bootlog_unmapped() by using the exception handler for the fatal
error display. (Also printf() is now required in all gint add-ins; this
is sad, but space is not as much of a constraint as debugging.)

Finally, the exception handler is used to handle an interrupt which is
an exception in practice, the DMA address error. On fx-CG 50, additional
DMA-related information is displayed on the screen. This is left out on
fx-9860G as there is not enough space.
2019-09-03 22:15:00 +02:00
lephe 6d54a5fe0a dma: add exception handler and dma_memset() 2019-08-27 21:18:44 +02:00