Alternative library and kernel for add-in development on fx-9860G and fx-CG50 under Linux.
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// gint:clock - Clock signals, overclock, and standby modes
#ifndef GINT_CLOCK
#define GINT_CLOCK
// Clock signals
/* clock_frequency_t
A dump of the Clock Pulse Generator's (CPG) configuration. Use the MPU
detection functions from <gint/mpu.h> to use the correct fields. */
typedef struct
union {
int PLL1;
int FLL;
union {
int PLL2;
int PLL;
int Bphi_div;
int Iphi_div;
int Pphi_div;
union {
int CKIO_f;
int RTCCLK_f;
int Bphi_f;
int Iphi_f;
int Pphi_f;
} clock_frequency_t;
/* clock_freq() - get the frequency of the main clocks
This function returns the address of a static object which is used by the
module; this address never changes. */
const clock_frequency_t *clock_freq(void);
// Overclock
/* TODO: All overclock */
// Sleep functions
/* sleep() - halt the processor until an event occurs
The function stops the processor until an interrupt is accepted; the
duration is not known in advance. This function should be used when the
add-in is idle, for instance while waiting for keyboard input. */
#define sleep() __asm__("sleep")
/* sleep_us() - sleep for a definite duration in microseconds
Stops the processor until [delay_us] microseconds have elapsed. Interrupts
may occur during that time (especially timers firing), in which case the
events will be treated as usual. The processor will resume sleeping after
handling them.
The user may choose the timer used to time out the sleep. Remember that only
timers 0 to 2 have microsecond-level resolution; other timers count in units
of about 30 us.
@timer Which timer to use to time out the sleep
@us_delay How long to sleep (in microseconds) */
void sleep_us(int timer, int us_delay);
/* sleep_ms() - sleep for a definite duration in milliseconds */
#define sleep_ms(timer, ms_delay) sleep_us(timer, (ms_delay) * 1000)
#endif /* GINT_CLOCK */