Alternative library and kernel for add-in development on fx-9860G and fx-CG50 under Linux.
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// gint:bfile - BFile interface
// The system's file system is a nightmare and the risk of corrupting it
// or the flash by driving it manually is too great to risk. This module
// interfaces with the BFile syscalls for file management.
#ifndef GINT_BFILE
#define GINT_BFILE
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <stdint.h>
/* BFile_Remove(): Remove a file
Also works if the file does not exist.
@file FONTCHARACTER file path
Returns a BFile error code. */
int BFile_Remove(uint16_t const *file);
/* BFile_Create(): Create a new entry
The file or directory must not exist. For a file the size pointer must point
to the desired file size (which is fixed), for a folder it is ignored.
@file FONTCHARACTER file path
@type Entry type
@size Pointer to file size if [type = BFile_File], use NULL otherwise
Returns a BFile error code. */
enum BFile_EntryType
BFile_File = 1,
BFile_Folder = 5,
int BFile_Create(uint16_t const *file, enum BFile_EntryType type, int *size);
/* BFile_Open(): Open an existing file
The file must exist.
@file FONTCHARACTER file path
@mode Desired access mode
Returns a file descriptor on success, or a negative BFile error code. */
enum BFile_OpenMode
BFile_ReadOnly = 0x01,
BFile_WriteOnly = 0x02,
BFile_ReadWrite = BFile_ReadOnly | BFile_WriteOnly,
int BFile_Open(uint16_t const *file, enum BFile_OpenMode mode);
/* BFile_Close(): Close a file descriptor
@fd Open file descriptor
Returns a BFile error code. */
int BFile_Close(int fd);
/* BFile_Size(): Retrieve size of an open file
@fd Open file descriptor
Returns the file size in bytes, or a negative BFile error code*/
int BFile_Size(int fd);
/* BFile_Write(): Write data to an open file
Second and third argument specify the data and length to write.
WARNING: The file systems has shown to become inconsistent if an odd number
of bytes is written with BFile_Write(). Keep it even!
@fd File descriptor open for writing
@data Data to write
@even_size Size to write (must be even, yes)
Returns a BFile error code. */
int BFile_Write(int fd, void const *data, int even_size);
/* BFile_Read(): Read data from an open file
The second and third argument specify where to store and how much to read.
The location from where the data is read depends on [whence]:
* If [whence >= 0], it is taken as an absolute location within the file;
* If [whence == -1], BFile_Read() reads from the current position.
@fd File descriptor open for reading
@data Buffer of at least [size] bytes to store data to
@size Number of bytes to read
@whence Starting position of the data to read in the file
Returns a BFile error code. */
int BFile_Read(int handle, void *data, int size, int whence);
/* BFile_FindFirst(): Search a directory for file with matching name
Doesn't work on Main memory. Only four search handle can be opened, you need
to close them to be able to reuse them. Search is NOT case sensitive and *
can be used as a wildcard.
@search FONTCHARACTER file path to match
@shandle Search handle to pass to BFile_FindNext or BFile_FindClose
@founfile FONTCHARACTER found file path
@fileinfo Structure containing a lot of information on the found file
Returns 0 on success, -1 if no file found, or negative value on error. */
struct BFile_FileInfo
uint16_t index;
uint16_t type;
uint32_t file_size;
/* Data size (file size minus the header) */
uint32_t data_size;
/* Is 0 if the file is complete */
uint32_t property;
/* Address of first fragment (do not use directly) */
void *address;
enum BFile_FileType
BFile_Type_Directory = 0x0000,
BFile_Type_File = 0x0001,
BFile_Type_Addin = 0x0002,
BFile_Type_Eact = 0x0003,
BFile_Type_Language = 0x0004,
BFile_Type_Bitmap = 0x0005,
BFile_Type_MainMem = 0x0006,
BFile_Type_Temp = 0x0007,
BFile_Type_Dot = 0x0008,
BFile_Type_DotDot = 0x0009,
BFile_Type_Volume = 0x000a,
BFile_Type_Archived = 0x0041,
int BFile_FindFirst(uint16_t const *search, int *shandle, uint16_t *foundfile,
struct BFile_FileInfo *fileinfo);
/* BFile_FindNext(): Continue a search a directory for file with matching name
@shandle Search handle from BFile_FindFirst
@founfile FONTCHARACTER found file path
@fileinfo Structure containing a lot of information on the found file
Returns 0 on success, -1 if end is reached, or negative value on error. */
int BFile_FindNext(int shandle, uint16_t *foundfile,
struct BFile_FileInfo *fileinfo);
/* BFile_FindClose(): Close the specified search handle
@shandle Search handle from BFile_FindFirst
Return 0 on success or negative value on error. */
int BFile_FindClose(int shandle);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* GINT_BFILE */