50 Commits (master)

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  Lephe 3056aef156
gint/tlb: pages mapped beyond _brom+_srom is RAM data 3 months ago
  Lephe ee841866f7
update versioning scheme to follow gint 3 months ago
  Lephe da2f7886f2
gint/ram: update fx-9860G for SPU memory 6 months ago
  Lephe c9d50a893d
perf/memory: make more rounds to use less space 6 months ago
  Lephe 7cc60745b0
gint/spuram: fix prototypes 6 months ago
  Lephe 0ef5b0705a
libs/openlibm: Add a test for OpenLibm floating-point functions 6 months ago
  Lephe 2836e2648f
gint/spuram: add an SPU memory banking test on fx-CG 50 6 months ago
  Lephe 2050caee22
perf/memory: add a memory speed test for all memory regions 6 months ago
  Lephe 9e4929e307
menu: fix amount of visible entries on fx-CG 50 6 months ago
  Lephe 2ed598fa2b
gint/ram: accelerate SPU RAM discovery by jumping 32 bytes 6 months ago
  Lephe d03970f5ad
gint/dsp: add a test for DSP startup and basics 6 months ago
  Lephe fb561d1310
perf/cpucache: 2-ILP parallelism and cache size (w/ plotting util) 6 months ago
  Lephe b86b14f3cd
gint/ram: add 32-bit access detection for SPU-owned memory 6 months ago
  Lephe 5f8f384053
libs/memory: display a message while running 6 months ago
  Lephe 9d6ff94790
util: add functions for row positioning 6 months ago
  Lephe ff15ac0d56
update libprof calls to use local contexts 6 months ago
  Lephe 36f3de29b8
remove GMAPPED following change in exception catcher calls 7 months ago
  Lephe fda5606c2a
remove a stray include for a long-removed header 8 months ago
  Lephe cfdc6e8e95
add a simple (non-exhaustive) bopti test on fx-9860G 9 months ago
  Lephe 0c66751015
use the new gint_restart() on fx9860g 9 months ago
  Lephe c52327e061
update the timer callback test for the new timer API 9 months ago
  Lephe 6ebec472c5
add a basic timer vs rtc test 9 months ago
  Lephe dd9779a2b2
remove the large used to test TLB on fxcg50 9 months ago
  Lephe b0c3245423
add an interrupt stress test 9 months ago
  Lephe dd43d25a77
add INTC display and system context 9 months ago
  Lephe 8f11ccce56
RTC tests using a small clock application 9 months ago
  Lephe 99c1bf0dbf
Unicode rendering on fx9860g and mono screenshot 9 months ago
  Lephe dc5b60df15
improved gray API 9 months ago
  Lephe fc8d7794d5
add 923, 1742 to gray settings on non-Graph 35+E II machines 9 months ago
  Lephe 0cc630644b
reduce use of the data/bss sections for SH3 9 months ago
  Lephe cbb95a22ef
TLB management test on SH3 10 months ago
  Lephe 53c35f7b1d
add a simple UI for the memory tests on fx 10 months ago
  Lephe f3d56c15a8
add tests for the core memory functions 10 months ago
  Lephe b797980c25
small improvements to hardware menu, add SPU2 DSP0 XRAM 10 months ago
  Lephe a8ec615cdc
less hardware info, new gray settings, new timer API 10 months ago
  Lephe 783d011cd3
changes to dtext() and dprint(), some warning cleanup 10 months ago
  Lephe 2a51a9c9ac
actual interface for the printf test 10 months ago
  Lephe 33411e9822
add TLB management and timer callback tests 10 months ago
  Lephe 09542e14a7
rename image_t to bopti_image_t through the code 11 months ago
  Lephe dab3edfb9e
periodic check of SH3 compatibility 11 months ago
  Lephe 716e6cc5a1
add a quick TinyMT test 11 months ago
  Lephe abeaeb882b
improved DMA display and dump to filesystem using BFile 11 months ago
  Lephe e921c6874e
The Ungodly Update 11 months ago
  Lephe 9a3fb12c73
build system and random update 1 year ago
  Lephe 67a44abedb add bopti tests on fxcg50 2 years ago
  Lephe c82e0464ca finish the gray engine configuration 2 years ago
  Lephe c3729edf17 gray rendering, hexadecimal memory viewer 2 years ago
  Lephe 89537dd133 catch up on the fx9860g application 2 years ago
  Lephe f56201af6c some gint and performance tests 2 years ago
  Lephe 92fd107478 gintctl: first commit, still a mess but in progress 2 years ago