74 Commits (master)

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Lephenixnoir e24514cdb0
remove tests that have moved to the FxLibc test add-in 6 months ago
Lephenixnoir ea4351a453
replace gint standard includes with fxlibc 6 months ago
Lephenixnoir 41abbba52a
remove calls to gint-backed standard functions 6 months ago
Lephenixnoir 118eb789ee
my commit is magnificent, and fierce, and eh- kinda huge 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir 839caf5d87
cmake: update library parameters for 2.5.0 6 months ago
Lephenixnoir 742089704e
libs/bfile: add a simple BFile listing test 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir 67999f260e
gint/dma: use the asynchronous DMA API 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir 8fc19004c0
move the USB test from gint to gintctl 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir a088ab503f
update to GINT_CALL() callbacks 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir 5586985a3d
update to the new driver system 7 months ago
Lephenixnoir b63d58515c
gint/usb: add a USB communication test (WIP) 8 months ago
Lephenixnoir 4b4b69b2b6
gint/kmalloc: Add memory allocator integrity and stress tests 9 months ago
Lephenixnoir 1dfe4e0375
mem: use a JustUI scene for the memory browser 9 months ago
Lephenixnoir 9a9c366821
libs/justui: add a demo of the JustUI widget library 9 months ago
Lephenixnoir ca2d731f39
gint/keyboard: port the keydev test to fx-CG 50 9 months ago
Lephenixnoir ca1df5cb20
gint/keyboard: detailed test of the new keydev mechanic 9 months ago
Lephenixnoir 02571b8957
various improvements in GUI, mainly on fx-9860G 10 months ago
Lephenixnoir 7ee6abf4ac
gint/cpumem: show rigourously-detected static RAM size 10 months ago
Lephe 6aa477a83a
libs/printf: add floating-point unit tests 10 months ago
Lephe 4350b81fc8
misc organisation improvements on fx-9860G 10 months ago
Lephe 63c4579a47
gint/spuram: Port the test to fx-9860G 10 months ago
Lephe d6345db414
remove irrelevant tests on SH3 10 months ago
Lephe 601dc9ea79
gint/ram: expand RAM discovery method for SPU areas 10 months ago
Lephe 5f0cb6cd30
switch build system to CMake 10 months ago
Lephe 3056aef156
gint/tlb: pages mapped beyond _brom+_srom is RAM data 10 months ago
Lephe ee841866f7
update versioning scheme to follow gint 10 months ago
Lephe da2f7886f2
gint/ram: update fx-9860G for SPU memory 1 year ago
Lephe c9d50a893d
perf/memory: make more rounds to use less space 1 year ago
Lephe 7cc60745b0
gint/spuram: fix prototypes 1 year ago
Lephe 0ef5b0705a
libs/openlibm: Add a test for OpenLibm floating-point functions 1 year ago
Lephe 2836e2648f
gint/spuram: add an SPU memory banking test on fx-CG 50 1 year ago
Lephe 2050caee22
perf/memory: add a memory speed test for all memory regions 1 year ago
Lephe 9e4929e307
menu: fix amount of visible entries on fx-CG 50 1 year ago
Lephe 2ed598fa2b
gint/ram: accelerate SPU RAM discovery by jumping 32 bytes 1 year ago
Lephe d03970f5ad
gint/dsp: add a test for DSP startup and basics 1 year ago
Lephe fb561d1310
perf/cpucache: 2-ILP parallelism and cache size (w/ plotting util) 1 year ago
Lephe b86b14f3cd
gint/ram: add 32-bit access detection for SPU-owned memory 1 year ago
Lephe 5f8f384053
libs/memory: display a message while running 1 year ago
Lephe 9d6ff94790
util: add functions for row positioning 1 year ago
Lephe ff15ac0d56
update libprof calls to use local contexts 1 year ago
Lephe 36f3de29b8
remove GMAPPED following change in exception catcher calls 1 year ago
Lephe fda5606c2a
remove a stray include for a long-removed header 1 year ago
Lephe cfdc6e8e95
add a simple (non-exhaustive) bopti test on fx-9860G 1 year ago
Lephe 0c66751015
use the new gint_restart() on fx9860g 1 year ago
Lephe c52327e061
update the timer callback test for the new timer API 1 year ago
Lephe 6ebec472c5
add a basic timer vs rtc test 1 year ago
Lephe dd9779a2b2
remove the large used to test TLB on fxcg50 1 year ago
Lephe b0c3245423
add an interrupt stress test 1 year ago
Lephe dd43d25a77
add INTC display and system context 1 year ago
Lephe 8f11ccce56
RTC tests using a small clock application 1 year ago