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  Lephe fc8d7794d5
add 923, 1742 to gray settings on non-Graph 35+E II machines pirms 2 dienas
  Lephe 0cc630644b
reduce use of the data/bss sections for SH3 pirms 3 dienas
  Lephe cbb95a22ef
TLB management test on SH3 pirms 4 dienas
  Lephe 53c35f7b1d
add a simple UI for the memory tests on fx pirms 6 dienas
  Lephe f3d56c15a8
add tests for the core memory functions pirms 1 nedēļas
  Lephe b797980c25
small improvements to hardware menu, add SPU2 DSP0 XRAM pirms 1 nedēļas
  Lephe a8ec615cdc
less hardware info, new gray settings, new timer API pirms 3 nedēļām
  Lephe 783d011cd3
changes to dtext() and dprint(), some warning cleanup pirms 3 nedēļām
  Lephe 2a51a9c9ac
actual interface for the printf test pirms 3 nedēļām
  Lephe 33411e9822
add TLB management and timer callback tests pirms 3 nedēļām
  Lephe 09542e14a7
rename image_t to bopti_image_t through the code pirms 1 mēnesi
  Lephe dab3edfb9e
periodic check of SH3 compatibility pirms 1 mēnesi
  Lephe 716e6cc5a1
add a quick TinyMT test pirms 1 mēnesi
  Lephe abeaeb882b
improved DMA display and dump to filesystem using BFile pirms 1 mēnesi
  Lephe e921c6874e
The Ungodly Update pirms 1 mēnesi
  Lephe 9a3fb12c73
build system and random update pirms 4 mēnešiem
  Lephe 67a44abedb add bopti tests on fxcg50 pirms 11 mēnešiem
  Lephe c82e0464ca finish the gray engine configuration pirms 11 mēnešiem
  Lephe c3729edf17 gray rendering, hexadecimal memory viewer pirms 11 mēnešiem
  Lephe 89537dd133 catch up on the fx9860g application pirms 1 gada
  Lephe f56201af6c some gint and performance tests pirms 1 gada
  Lephe 92fd107478 gintctl: first commit, still a mess but in progress pirms 1 gada