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  Lephenixnoir 08ee98cef1
cmake: only require version 3.16 4 weeks ago
  Lephenixnoir a9f1dc3ec8
build: fix uninstall command for sh-based OSes 1 month ago
  Lephenixnoir 8c34abe3ca
update README 1 month ago
  Lephenixnoir 6b5685a35e
add version and a find_package() module 1 month ago
  Lephenixnoir 91bb658d6c
update README 1 month ago
  Lephenixnoir 02774004a2
switch build system to CMake 1 month ago
  Lephenixnoir 05e6463139
add support for quick build with GiteaPC 1 month ago
  Lephenixnoir a15c193ab7
renew the timer if it underflows 4 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 7ae42ac662
explicitly specify the default Pϕ/4 prescaler 4 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 5be56fe2eb
let the user allocate contexts locally 4 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 8a0bcfe903
fix a dead wrong call to free(prof_time) 7 months ago
  Lephenixnoir 8b074a4e58
update to upcoming timer API of gint 2.1 8 months ago
  Lephenixnoir f79e6d2cc6
add support for DESTDIR for packaging 9 months ago
  Lephenixnoir ef49aa8da4
build with sh-elf by default (fixes #1) 1 year ago
  Lephenixnoir e4cedf72a9 use the target's archiver to create the library 1 year ago
  Lephenixnoir 0566fad0c5 add README 1 year ago
  Lephenixnoir 2c78a2cfeb basic working implementation with manual calls 1 year ago
  Lephenixnoir d8883da3c0 build system 1 year ago