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Lephenixnoir 26affe51cf
new build system for fxSDK sysroot and libstdc++-v3
The main change is making the scripts a two-stage process where we
first build GCC, leave the user to install the libc, and then come back
to install libstdc++-v3.

* Detect whether we are in the first or second stage
* Don't clean files after first stage install, and even then only do it
  if :clean is specified
* Update README except for the manual install tutorial
* Patch the source using a backported GCC 12.1 commit to make the
  configure script for libstdc++-v3 skip checking for dlopen, which is
  impossible is our not-really-hosted setup

* Proper .gitignore
2022-08-19 15:23:21 +02:00