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C 3 0

fx9860g and fxcg50 2D math rendering library with support for TeX syntax.

Updated 1 year ago

C 1 0

A microsecond-level performance profiling library for gint.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Python 0 0

Divers tutoriels de Planète Casio que je maintiens.

Updated 9 months ago

An fx-92 Scientifique Collège+ algorithmic interpreter for PC.

Updated 1 year ago

C++ 1 0

Advanced OS disassembler and reverse-engineering tool.

Updated 8 months ago

C 2 0

Low-level documentation of drivers and kernel code.

Updated 8 months ago

C 2 0

A versatile image rendering and transform library.

Updated 3 weeks ago

C 0 0

Puzzle noir et blanc utilisé pour le tutoriel gint.

Updated 2 months ago

Fork of the OpenLibm math library with fx-9860G and fx-CG 50 support.

Updated 1 month ago

Shell 0 0

Meta-repository providing an SH3/SH4 build of GCC for the fxSDK.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Meta-repository providing an SH3/SH4 build of binutils for the fxSDK.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Python 0 0

Utility program to automatically install, build and update repositories from this Gitea forge.

Updated 3 weeks ago

A template repository for gint libraries to build with CMake.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Python 5 1

Add-in development tools for fx-9860G and fx-CG 50, to use with GCC and gint.

Updated 3 weeks ago

C 3 1

gint's control and diagnostic application.

Updated 2 weeks ago