125 Commits (master)

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  Milang 0c22d2d016 configure gitignore, and temp build with liblog 11 months ago
  Milang c614be0580 rebuild 11 months ago
  Milang 2fb71410a3 edit gitignore 11 months ago
  Milang 4fe9fb0aa1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 11 months ago
  Milang 9136335774 big update (not stable) before rewriting project 11 months ago
  Milang a91fe5f0de add sample menu img 11 months ago
  milang 061b900bb3 testing view options 1 year ago
  milang 4d281516db
testing fxengine --> bug found, not corrected yet ! 1 year ago
  milang 9e755bd4fb
us fxengine as functionnal lib 1 year ago
  milang 01f0d7186a
complete gitignore again 1 year ago
  milang b335bdd8e0
complete gitignore to ignore build files 1 year ago
  milang b575e88ab8
some minor changes 1 year ago
  milang 0e7d807521
rebuild with new fxengine lib 1 year ago
  milang d47d8f037c currently setting fxengine as lib 1 year ago
  milang 0913b3da3a reform project and separe fxengine 1 year ago
  milang 558dd5670b Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.planet-casio.com/Milang/1v13d 1 year ago
  milang 625dcb6a8d ajout de la gestion évènementielle du clavier avec callbacks 1 year ago
  Milang 1cce870987 test experimental perspective correction feature 1 year ago
  Milang 9f401b35b8 oops int32_t, not uint32_t >_< 1 year ago
  Milang 1a19b5c98a add comments and replace int by int32_t 1 year ago
  Milang f50ed857ec and other spaces 1 year ago
  Milang 44d30dea77 add a few spaces 1 year ago
  Milang d9e37667f2 change inclusions 1 year ago
  Milang 8450087c83 comments 1 year ago
  Milang 0c85e41ff1 ajout commentaires 1 year ago
  Milang 9ac6860700 mise en forme plus propre 1 year ago
  Milang ec7e682296 added doc for texture source and header 1 year ago
  milang 3e210cb232 added creative commons license 1 year ago
  util1 5089cebdfe add screens 1 year ago
  util1 257bbd274c added texture deformation with perspective 1 year ago
  util1 7ef7ab69e6 fixed texture bug 1 year ago
  util1 8a353405ed complete triangle gestion and add partial texture 1 year ago
  util1 6d11ec7bbf complete triangle display function (without textures) 1 year ago
  util1 7139f8b757 fix bug of zbuffer and prepare face drawing 1 year ago
  util1 1881d3df1b add clockwise function 1 year ago
  util1 34adcfb835 add instable draw function (incomplete) 1 year ago
  util1 04eb7747d9 add compare function to determine if points are seen clockwise 1 year ago
  util1 46baf3d648 add triangles notion (incomplete) 1 year ago
  util1 e3b66dd532 fix las bugs of last optimization 1 year ago
  util1 bf07238dc7 replace pointer table to textures by huge texture table 1 year ago
  util1 8b8b2665bd delete old debug utilities 1 year ago
  util1 f0b43a3824 add move 1 year ago
  util1 7708e7b953 add textures 1 year ago
  util1 bc11507275 correct cos and sin functions 1 year ago
  util1 38f87aba15 half fix FE_cos bug 1 year ago
  util1 566b83e224 reduce size of fps widget 1 year ago
  util1 f912a2faec add texture source and header 1 year ago
  util1 118f7cbcb2 add clearbuffer 1 year ago
  util1 583f12e587 add fps contreol 1 year ago
  util1 fd0fe5ec53 add new font and implementing controls 1 year ago