Jeu de FPS en multijoueur. Voir la description sur planete casio
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23 lines

  1. @echo off
  2. rem Do not edit! This batch file is created by CASIO fx-9860G SDK.
  3. if exist debug\*.obj del debug\*.obj
  4. if exist 1V13D.G1A del 1V13D.G1A
  5. cd debug
  6. if exist FXADDINror.bin del FXADDINror.bin
  7. "C:\CASIO\fx-9860G SDK\OS\SH\Bin\Hmake.exe" Addin.mak
  8. cd ..
  9. if not exist debug\FXADDINror.bin goto error
  10. "C:\CASIO\fx-9860G SDK\Tools\MakeAddinHeader363.exe" "Z:\home\util1\1v13d"
  11. if not exist 1V13D.G1A goto error
  12. echo Build has completed.
  13. goto end
  14. :error
  15. echo Build was not successful.
  16. :end