3d engine indev
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FxEngine is an librairie overlay based on gint designed to provide more game-oriented commands, such as a 3D engine, which is actually in developement. That library is made for fx9860G calculators.

This project is linked the 1v13d project.



A GNU/Linux distibution.

The GCC toolchain for sh3eb-elf architecture. (with binutils of course)

The gint kernel, made by lephenixnoir.

The fxSDK, designed for gint usage.

You may need libprof if you want to enable profiling.

Install the fxengine lib

In a terminal, type the following commands :

./configure # Use --help option to see possible options


make install # you may use sudo if the compiler's folder has restricted rights


All the headers are in the <fxengine/[...]> folder When you create a new project with the fxsdk, you have to change a line in the project.cfg file : Just replace

# Additional linker flags


# Additional linker flags
LDFLAGS = -lfxengine -lgint-fx -lprof

It simply adds to linker flags the fxengine lib.

Example :

A locale Doxygen documentation (html) is available in the ‘doc’ folder, you jest have to open ‘index.html’

For specific questions, look at planet-casio.com/Fr/ topics.

Bug reports

Please create an issue on fxengine