45 Commits (master)

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Milang 47529dd99c Delete unused pictures 2 years ago
Milang 2a85f98b93 add spikes (25%) 2 years ago
Milang 14caa99616 updated coyote time code 2 years ago
Milang 86286e4b29 new brick behaviour when destroying 2 years ago
Milang 0f6f429514 completed level 3 2 years ago
Milang 21734f0765 completing lvl 1- 3 2 years ago
Milang eb1e3e1fc6 completing piranha plants 2 years ago
Milang 9476c81e50 level changes 2 years ago
Milang da4d716878 Fix timer bug reported by @Calcloverhk 3 years ago
Milang 99120d5299 new pipe sprite 3 years ago
Milang 4fb0254dba update textures, animations & add new keyboard keys for debug 3 years ago
Milang a6bb83f355 add plateforms as complete physical objects 3 years ago
Milang f3c5a89450 updated icon 3 years ago
Milang 2ce87496e6 fixed ram management bug 3 years ago
Milang 54ab77daed add tree img 3 years ago
Milang ed25c7394a ajout des decos 3 years ago
Milang a8a8550e05 add level 1 to binary levels 3 years ago
Milang ddef97b66b add ennemi support 3 years ago
Milang 71f3e778bb fully added level decompression 3 years ago
Milang 17bd723f43 add red koopas, and a new lvl 1-2 prototype 3 years ago
Milang a5619d4d18 add splash screen, disable up key, update w4 img, add transparency to flags 3 years ago
Milang 823c28050e add global time management, update font and add dynamic infos about levels 3 years ago
Milang 62743480ce added game over picture -> needs to be redesigned 3 years ago
Milang 0be8eef60a added menu to choose a level 3 years ago
Milang 836dce915b ajout des plateformes et corrections bug clavier 3 years ago
Milang af348c9127 style unity improved 3 years ago
Milang 7c135331d5 add menu with world selection 3 years ago
Milang 32659a4b16 add menu selection (incomplete) 3 years ago
Milang be2090cebd add config menu 3 years ago
Milang 2dbd89321b Add castle, flag and all level-end stuff 3 years ago
Milang 0215318e28 add teleporter 3 years ago
milangames-art ea8499c1f2 change move physics engine 3 years ago
milangames-art c467ff19b0 correct koopa bug, add blocs 3 years ago
milangames-art 575bae2ece add koopas 3 years ago
milangames-art 6fe1e9f177 add 1up, bullets 3 years ago
milangames-art 9472f3ba76 ajout grand mario, bullets, fleur et decalage auto 3 years ago
milangames-art 43c6607fc5 add box 3 years ago
milangames-art c20deb6abb add goombas 3 years ago
milangames-art 827b5e22af move, score, timer and coins improvement 3 years ago
milangames-art 640e71f914 add sprint, die, spawn and transparency 3 years ago
milangames-art 4533c8cb11 increase walk vel (not fixed yet) 3 years ago
milangames-art 5537bb7a5b changed project name 3 years ago
milangames-art 4ca506d249 add old files 3 years ago
milangames-art 86fc086bc6 big changes 3 years ago
milangames-art 04fd7be5fe add initial project 3 years ago