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17 Commits (8ab8a4cd7a2ab6eabdc31ddb2b4c242a899bba4e)

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Milang 8ab8a4cd7a add fx9860g emulator integrated to the folder 3 years ago
Milang 7ff674bc39 fixed ram management bug 3 years ago
Milang 2871c50f73 move init ennemi function 3 years ago
Milang adccfcceb3 cleaned some parts of the code 3 years ago
Milang 17bd723f43 add red koopas, and a new lvl 1-2 prototype 3 years ago
Milang fadf1b6888 remove auto deletion of ennemies when they pass to the left of the screen 3 years ago
Milang 2e35056a47 correct bug when you push a koopa 3 years ago
Milang be2090cebd add config menu 3 years ago
Milang 2dbd89321b Add castle, flag and all level-end stuff 3 years ago
Milang 0215318e28 add teleporter 3 years ago
milangames-art ea8499c1f2 change move physics engine 3 years ago
milangames-art c467ff19b0 correct koopa bug, add blocs 3 years ago
milangames-art 575bae2ece add koopas 3 years ago
milangames-art 6fe1e9f177 add 1up, bullets 3 years ago
milangames-art 9472f3ba76 ajout grand mario, bullets, fleur et decalage auto 3 years ago
milangames-art 43c6607fc5 add box 3 years ago
milangames-art c20deb6abb add goombas 3 years ago