Le nouveau Super Mario Bros pour la gamme des fx9860g https://www.planet-casio.com/Fr/forums/topic15994-1-[addin]-SuperCasioBros-v0.1.html
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#ifndef MARIO_H
#define MARIO_H
#define M_SMALL 8
#define M_BIG 16
#define M_LEFT1 0
#define M_LEFT2 1
#define M_RIGHT1 2
#define M_RIGHT2 3
#define M_WALK 0
//#define M_LITTLE 1
//#define M_SWIM 2
// 60/20 seconds = 3 seconds
#include "box.h"
typedef struct
box_t p;
unsigned starMode :9;
unsigned immunity :6;
unsigned last_vx_sgn :1;
unsigned dead :1;
unsigned bullets :1;
} pnj;
extern pnj mario;
extern int coins;
void marioDraw();
void marioResetJump(); // resets coyote time & jump buffering (used by teleporters)
void marioMove();
void marioBigger();
void marioSmaller();
extern int global_quit;
extern int numero_frame;