Le nouveau Super Mario Bros pour la gamme des fx9860g https://www.planet-casio.com/Fr/forums/topic15994-1-[addin]-SuperCasioBros-v0.1.html
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#ifndef SCORE_H
#define SCORE_H
#define KILL_ENNEMI 105
//extern int score;
//extern int lifes;
extern int finish_level; // si ==-1, continue, si 0==retry, si ==1 ou + next
extern int time_id;
int get_score();
int get_coins();
void score_reset();
void score_add(int);
void score_display();
void score_add_coin();
void new_level();
void new_game();
int get_time_spent();
/* Lifes Management */
int LifesGet();
void LifesSet(int);
void LifesAdd(int);