This addin is a Chip 8 Emulator.
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This addin is a Chip 8 Emulator for Casio written in C based on MonochromeLib.

The controls in the menu

Use Up and Down to move into the menu. Use Exe to run the selected ROM. Use Menu to exit the program.

The controls in game

Use Exit to leave the game. Use Up and Down to speed up or slow down the emulator. And for playing, use the following keys : [Emulator key]=[Calcuator’s key]

1=7     2=8     3=9     C=Del
4=4     5=5     6=6     D=*
7=1     8=2     9=3     E=+
A=0     0=.     B=*10^n F=(-)


This emulator will only detect ROMs in the root directory of the Storage Memory and with an “.ch8” extension.