238 Commits (sh3port)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexandre Oliva 3127effc67 Introduce @unless/@endunless and postbootstrap Makefile targets 2 years ago
  Alexandre Oliva d820b06d68 Add OBJCOPY to Makefile.tpl too, to keep it on Makefile.in rebuild 2 years ago
  Jeff Johnston 79bb0de3e5 Sync with upstream gcc. 4 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen fe508576ef Sync toplevel with upstream GCC. 5 years ago
  Eric Botcazou 2880becf0c * Makefile.tpl (BOOT_ADAFLAGS): Remove -gnata. 8 years ago
  Jan-Benedict Glaw 8f9046ae61 Merge g++/xg++ changes from GCC 8 years ago
  Eric Botcazou e885309220 PR bootstrap/54820 8 years ago
  H.J. Lu a626f4eeb0 Sync toplevel files with GCC tree 8 years ago
  DJ Delorie 46e7439b9d 2011-11-09 Roland McGrath <mcgrathr@google.com> 9 years ago
  Rainer Orth 7c01efe088 toplevel: 9 years ago
  Ian Lance Taylor c916158551 Merge from gcc: 9 years ago
  Jason Merrill da7287ed5d * Makefile.def (language=c++): Add check-c++0x and 9 years ago
  Doug Kwan 2e7bf520eb 2011-05-08 Doug Kwan <dougkwan@google.com> 9 years ago
  Joseph Myers e5634b9e94 * configure.ac: Remove code setting CONFIG_SHELL, config_shell and 10 years ago
  Paolo Bonzini 3f984ad86f 2011-03-24 Paolo Bonzini <pbonzini@redhat.com> 10 years ago
  Paolo Bonzini 0d77047a14 2011-03-24 Paolo Bonzini <bonzini@gnu.org> 10 years ago
  Ralf Wildenhues a8ed311494 Sync toplevel and config/ from GCC. 10 years ago
  Alexandre Oliva a52370396d PR other/46020 10 years ago
  Ralf Wildenhues 6f396dc7c0 PR other/46202: implement install-strip. 10 years ago
  Ian Lance Taylor d5b7129a70 Merge from gcc top-level. 10 years ago
  Ian Lance Taylor 45ebecdaca * Makefile.def (target_modules): Set lib_path to src/.libs for 10 years ago
  Paolo Bonzini ad6319f01a 2010-07-17 Jack Howarth <howarth@bromo.med.uc.edu> 10 years ago
  Nick Clifton c4889b2341 * Makefile.tpl: Use "-exec rm {}" rather than "-delete" to delete 11 years ago
  Nick Clifton d4850f586d PR 11238 11 years ago
  Joern Rennecke e894eef9f5 gcc PR libstdc++/36101, gcc PR libstdc++/42813 11 years ago
  Ralf Wildenhues ca888f9cba Sync from GCC: Makefile.tpl (BASE_TARGET_EXPORTS) fix 11 years ago
  Alexandre Oliva 5074489a49 * configure.ac: Add libelf to host_libs. Enable in-tree configury 11 years ago
  Ian Lance Taylor bd45d6fa76 Sync with gcc repository. 11 years ago
  Alexandre Oliva 5566205831 ChangeLog: 11 years ago
  Paolo Bonzini a8a0198744 2009-09-02 Paolo Bonzini <bonzini@gnu.org> 11 years ago
  Ralf Wildenhues 121f0eb23c Sync toplevel with GCC, merge. 11 years ago
  Ralf Wildenhues 8992a8e070 * Makefile.tpl (all): Avoid a trailing backslash. 11 years ago
  Alexandre Oliva 6f15a1a0f5 * Makefile.tpl ([+compare-target+]): Compare all stage 11 years ago
  Alexandre Oliva 5cf384df95 * Makefile.tpl (all): Avoid harmless warning in make all when 11 years ago
  Alexandre Oliva d8f253f952 PR other/40159 11 years ago
  Alexandre Oliva 1a7613f0b8 PR other/40159 11 years ago
  Alexandre Oliva c91ae28fd2 ChangeLog: 11 years ago
  Eric Botcazou 2addcd0830 * Makefile.tpl (POSTSTAGE1_HOST_EXPORTS): Add GNATBIND. 12 years ago
  H.J. Lu 45449169f5 2009-04-09 Steve Ellcey <sje@cup.hp.com> 12 years ago
  Andreas Schwab 57c9bccb3b * Makefile.tpl (stage_last): Define $r and $s before using 12 years ago
  Joseph Myers 311b675614 Merge from GCC: 12 years ago
  Daniel Jacobowitz d19b11bb29 Revert: 12 years ago
  Daniel Jacobowitz 871d7a45e7 * Makefile.tpl (HOST_EXPORTS): Correct CPPFLAGS typo. 12 years ago
  Daniel Jacobowitz c1102cc788 PR gdb/921 12 years ago
  Aaron W. LaFramboise 8453fdbad9 2008-08-31 Aaron W. LaFramboise <aaronavay62@aaronwl.com> 12 years ago
  DJ Delorie 7e1645ce4d Merge from gcc: 12 years ago
  Paolo Bonzini 9ad2ea2fd9 2008-07-30 Paolo Bonzini <bonzini@gnu.org> 12 years ago
  Ralf Wildenhues 5edf1524df * Makefile.tpl: Fix comment errors. 12 years ago
  Joseph Myers 7d6b567a4f * Makefile.def (flags_to_pass): Add LDFLAGS_FOR_BUILD. 12 years ago
  Paolo Bonzini edd8c1726e 2008-04-18 Paolo Bonzini <bonzini@gnu.org> 13 years ago