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Nick Clifton 75f2bdfd39 Remove spurious empty line in changelog entry. 7 years ago
Ludovic Courtès f4d1a5e5b8 PR external/{16327,16328}: Remove etc/configure.texi and etc/standards.texi. 7 years ago
Ralf Wildenhues 6f396dc7c0 PR other/46202: implement install-strip. 12 years ago
Nick Clifton 68ff495c60 * standards.texi: Import current version from gnustandards 13 years ago
Nick Clifton 08622ff5aa etc/ChangeLog 13 years ago
Ralf Wildenhues efd58f08fc Regenerate tree using Autoconf 2.64 and Automake 1.11. 13 years ago
Ralf Wildenhues f4a7842850 intl/ 14 years ago
Joseph Myers 02203918a1 bfd: 14 years ago
Nick Clifton e31a79b1d6 * standards.texi: Import 22 July 2007 version. 16 years ago
Eric Christopher 263435cc61 2007-04-04 Eric Christopher <> 16 years ago
Daniel Jacobowitz 6aad2842b5 Add "make pdf" and "make install-pdf", from Brooks Moses 16 years ago
Paolo Bonzini 24fa638dbd 2006-12-19 Paolo Bonzini <> 16 years ago
Daniel Jacobowitz f15f78bf55 * Correct handling of absolute @include. 17 years ago
Daniel Jacobowitz a7fc2a4772 * Handle -I. 17 years ago
Carlos O'Donell 83c9add4a9 2006-04-06 Carlos O'Donell <> 17 years ago
Carlos O'Donell 640fc41415 bfd/doc/ 17 years ago
Mark Mitchell f4f1045c8c Fix typo 17 years ago
Mark Mitchell 6fd3ff4e70 * Substitue for @value even when part of @include. 17 years ago
Bob Wilson a6d19f4cd4 * Import latest version from GCC. 17 years ago
Zack Weinberg 93c827a547 * bfd/, binutils/, etc/ 18 years ago
Nick Clifton 09a2fdfd57 Replace i[3456]86 with i[3-7]86 20 years ago
H.J. Lu 6283f02c25 2003-01-02 H.J. Lu <> 20 years ago
Nick Clifton 2fbf4a7f36 Import latest version of from FSF GCC sources. 21 years ago
Andrew Cagney 5c48da9a28 * fdl.texi: New file. 21 years ago
Andrew Cagney e3c6baed8a * standards.texi: Import February 14, 2002 version. 21 years ago
Hans-Peter Nilsson ab5d177972 * (install): Depend on install-info. 21 years ago
Nick Clifton 6e8a78d90c Automate generate on man pages 22 years ago
Richard Henderson a3acbf4694 19990502 sourceware import 24 years ago