A C standard library for sh3eb-elf.
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2016-03-18 Nick Clifton <nickc@redhat.com>
* texi2pod.pl: Add TARGET to the list of recognised man page
2014-06-27 Ludovic Courtès <ludo@gnu.org>
PR external/16327
PR external/16328
(all): Remove dependency on 'info'.
(install): Remove dependency on 'install-info'.
(standards.info, standards.html, standards.dvi, standards.ps)
(standards.pdf, configure.info, configure.dvi, configure.ps)
(configure.pdf, configure.pdf): Remove.
(info, install-info, html, install-html, dvi, pdf, install-pdf)
clean, maintainer-clean, realclean): Remove body.
* etc/configbuild.ein, etc/configbuild.fig, etc/configbuild.jin,
etc/configbuild.tin, etc/configdev.ein, etc/configdev.fig,
etc/configdev.jin, etc/configdev.tin, etc/configure.texi,
etc/fdl.texi, etc/gnu-oids.texi, etc/make-stds.texi,
etc/standards.texi: Remove.
2010-11-20 Ralf Wildenhues <Ralf.Wildenhues@gmx.de>
* Makefile.in (install-strip): New target.
2010-06-08 Nick Clifton <nickc@redhat.com>
* standards.texi: Import current version from gnustandards
* gnu-oids.texi: New file.
* fdl.texi: Replace with v1.3 text.
2009-08-22 Ralf Wildenhues <Ralf.Wildenhues@gmx.de>
* configure: Regenerate.
2009-07-30 Ralf Wildenhues <Ralf.Wildenhues@gmx.de>
* Makefile.in (AUTOCONF, configure_deps): New variables.
($(srcdir)/configure, config.status): New rules.
(Makefile): Depend on config.status.
* configure.in: Accept --enable-maintainer-mode, set and
substitute MAINT accordingly.
2009-02-03 Carlos O'Donell <carlos@codesourcery.com>
* configure.in: AC_SUBST pdfdir.
* configure: Regenerate.
2007-08-13 Nick Clifton <nickc@redhat.com>
* standards.texi: Import 22 July 2007 version.
* fdl.texi: Import version 1.2.
* make-stds.texi: Import 2006 version.
2007-04-04 Eric Christopher <echristo@apple.com>
Move from gcc:
2007-04-04 Zack Weinberg <zack@mrtock.ucsd.edu>
* texi2pod.pl: Correct handling of @itemize with no argument.
2007-02-16 Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org>
* texi2pod.pl: Handle @subsubsection, ignore @anchor.
2007-02-06 Richard Sandiford <richard@codesourcery.com>
* texi2pod.pl: Handle @multitable.
2007-03-27 Brooks Moses <brooks.moses@codesourcery.com>
* Makefile.in: Add support for "pdf" and "install-pdf" targets.
2006-12-19 Paolo Bonzini <bonzini@gnu.org>
* configure.texi: Fix botched commit.
2006-05-31 Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@codesourcery.com>
* texi2pod.pl: Correct handling of absolute @include.
2006-05-02 Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@codesourcery.com>
* texi2pod.pl: Handle -I.
2006-04-06 Carlos O'Donell <carlos@codesourcery.com>
* Makefile.in: Add install-html target. Add htmldir,
docdir and datarootdir.
* configure.texi: Document install-html target.
* configure.in: AC_SUBST datarootdir, docdir, htmldir.
* configure: Regenerate.
2006-02-27 Carlos O'Donell <carlos@codesourcery.com>
* Makefile.in: TEXI2HTML uses makeinfo. Define
HTMLFILES. Add html targets.
* configure.texi: Use ifnottex. Add alternative
image format specifier as jpg.
* standards.texi: Use ifnottex.
2005-10-21 Mark Mitchell <mark@codesourcery.com>
* texi2pod.pl: Substitue for @value even when part of @include.
2005-10-21 Bob Wilson <bob.wilson@acm.org>
* texi2pod.pl: Import latest version from GCC.
2005-05-19 Zack Weinberg <zack@codesourcery.com>
* Makefile.in: Have 'all' depend on 'info'.
2003-05-16 Kelley Cook <kelleycook@wideopenwest.com>
* configure.texi: Use "i[3-7]86" in example.
2003-01-02 H.J. Lu <hjl@gnu.org>
* Makefile.in (DESTDIR): New.
(install-info): Use it.
2002-06-11 Nick Clifton <nickc@cambridge.redhat.com>
Import the following patches from the FSF GCC sources:
2002-03-25 Zack Weinberg <zack@codesourcery.com>
* texi2pod.pl: Handle @end ftable and @end vtable.
2001-12-12 Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org>
* texi2pod.pl: Merge changes from binutils' texi2pod.pl. Allows
generation of more than one man page from one source.
Add '-' to set of valid chars for an identifier.
Let -D option accept flags of the form <flag>=<value>.
Use \s+ for whitespace detection in '@c man' lines.
Handle @set and @clear independent of $output.
Substitute all @value{}'s in a line.
2001-11-14 Joseph S. Myers <jsm28@cam.ac.uk>
* texi2pod.pl: Handle @ifnottex, @iftex and @display. Handle @var
in verbatim blocks specially. Handle @unnumbered, @unnumberedsec
and @center. Allow [a-z] after @enumerate. Handle 0 and numbers
greater than 9 in enumerations.
2001-07-03 Joseph S. Myers <jsm28@cam.ac.uk>
* texi2pod.pl: Handle @r inside @item.
2002-02-27 Andrew Cagney <ac131313@redhat.com>
* fdl.texi: New file.
2002-02-24 Andrew Cagney <ac131313@redhat.com>
* standards.texi: Import February 14, 2002 version.
* make-stds.texi: Import 2001 version.
2002-01-26 Hans-Peter Nilsson <hp@bitrange.com>
* Makefile.in (install): Depend on install-info.
2001-03-25 Stephane Carrez <Stephane.Carrez@worldnet.fr>
* texi2pod.pl: New file (from gcc/contrib).
1999-04-01 Jim Blandy <jimb@zwingli.cygnus.com>
* add-log.el, add-log.vi: New files.
1999-01-20 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* comp-tools-verify: Remove some checks that are no longer valid.
1998-12-03 Nick Clifton <nickc@cygnus.com>
* targetdoc/fr30.texi: New document.
1998-10-01 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* comp-tools-fix, cross-tools-fix: Replace /usr/include
with ${FIXINCDIR}.
1998-08-11 Doug Evans <devans@canuck.cygnus.com>
* make-rel-sym-tree (version): Update calculation.
1998-06-12 Ian Lance Taylor <ian@cygnus.com>
* configure.texi: Various additions.
* Makefile.in (TEXI2HTML, DVIPS): New variables.
(standards.ps): New target.
(configure.dvi): Copy .tin files in as well.
(configure.ps, configure.html): New targets.
(clean): Remove configdev.jpg and configbuild.jpg.
* configdev.fig: New file.
* configdev.ein: New file (EPS version of configdev.fig).
* configdev.jin: New file (JPEG version of configdev.fig).
* configbuild.fig: New file.
* configbuild.ein: New file (EPS version of configbuild.fig).
* configbuild.jin: New file (JPEG version of configbuild.fig).
1998-06-10 Ian Lance Taylor <ian@cygnus.com>
* configure.texi: New file.
* configdev.tin: New file.
* configbuild.tin: New file.
* Makefile.in (MAKEINFO): Use makeinfo from texinfo directory if
it exists.
(TEXI2DVI): Likewise for texi2dvi.
(INFOFILES): Add configure.info.
(DVIFILES): Add configure.dvi.
(info): Only build info files if the source files exist.
(install-info): Only install info files if they exist.
(dvi): Only build DVI files if the sources files exist.
(configure.info): New target.
(configure.dvi): New target.
(clean): Remove configdev and configbuild derived files.
Remove obsolete documentation.
* intro.texi: Remove.
* install.texi: Remove.
* config-names.texi: Remove.
* screen1.eps: Remove.
* screen1.obj: Remove.
* screen2.eps: Remove.
* screen2.obj: Remove.
* Makefile.in: Remove references to the above.
Thu May 21 14:34:51 1998 Nick Clifton <nickc@cygnus.com>
* targetdoc/arm-interwork.texi: Add note about ignoring linker
warning message when using --support-old-code.
Mon May 18 14:27:37 1998 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* Install.in, comp-tools-fix, comp-tools-verify, cross-tools-fix:
Use $GCCvn rather than substitute everywhere.
Thu May 14 14:43:10 1998 Nick Clifton <nickc@cygnus.com>
* targetdoc/arm-interwork.texi: Document dlltool support of
Thu May 7 16:49:38 1998 Jason Molenda (crash@bugshack.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: Remove references to TCL_LIBRARY, TK_LIBRARY,
Wed Apr 1 17:11:44 1998 Nick Clifton <nickc@cygnus.com>
* targetdoc/arm-interwork.texi: Document ARM/thumb interworking.
Tue Mar 31 15:28:20 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <ian@cygnus.com>
* standards.texi, make-stds.texi: Update to current FSF versions.
* Makefile.in (standards.info): Depend upon make-std.texi.
Tue Mar 24 16:13:26 1998 Stu Grossman <grossman@bhuna.cygnus.co.uk>
* configure: Regenerate with autoconf 2.12.1 to fix shell issues
for NT native builds.
Mon Mar 9 16:41:04 1998 Doug Evans <devans@canuck.cygnus.com>
* make-rel-sym-tree (binprogs): Add objcopy.
Tue Feb 24 18:11:58 1998 Doug Evans <devans@canuck.cygnus.com>
* make-rel-sym-tree: as.new -> as-new, ld.new -> ld-new
nm.new -> nm-new. Make symlinks to crt*.o.
Fri Nov 21 12:54:58 1997 Manfred Hollstein <manfred@s-direktnet.de>
* Makefile.in: Add --no-split argument to avoid creating files
with names longer than 14 characters.
Thu Sep 25 13:13:11 1997 Jason Molenda (crash@pern.cygnus.com)
* intro.texi: Add closing ifset.
Mon Sep 1 10:31:32 1997 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* Install.in: Move setting HOST and TARGET to the beginning
of the file for editing convenience.
Mon Sep 1 10:28:37 1997 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* Install.in.: More friendly options/messages when extracting
from a file instead of a tape device.
Tue Jun 17 15:50:23 1997 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* Install.in: Add /usr/bsd to PATH for Irix (home of compress)
Thu Jun 12 13:47:00 1997 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* Install.in (show_exec_prefix_msg): fix quoting
Wed Jun 4 15:31:43 1997 Jason Molenda (crash@godzilla.cygnus.co.jp)
* rebuilding.texi: Removed.
Sat May 24 18:02:20 1997 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* cross-tools-fix: Remove host check since it doesn't matter
for this case.
* Install.in (guess_system): clean up more unused hosts.
* Install.in, cross-tools-fix, comp-tools-fix, comp-tools-verify:
Hack for host check to not warn the user for certain cases.
Fri May 23 23:46:10 1997 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* subst-strings: Remove a lot of unused code
* Install.in: Remove reference to TAPEdflt, use variables instead of
string substitution when able.
Fri Apr 11 17:25:52 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <ian@cygnus.com>
* configure.in: Change file named in AC_INIT to Makefile.in.
* configure: Rebuild.
Fri Apr 11 18:12:42 1997 Jason Molenda (crash@godzilla.cygnus.co.jp)
* Install.in (guess_system): Back out change to INSTALLHOST to
call all IRIX systems "mips-sgi-irix4"
* Makefile.in: Remove references to configure.texi and cfg-paper.texi.
Thu Apr 10 23:26:45 1997 Jason Molenda (crash@godzilla.cygnus.co.jp)
* srctree.texi, emacs-relnotes.texi, cfg-paper.texi: Remove.
* Install.in: Remove Ultrix-specific hacks.
Update Cygnus phone numbers.
(guess_system): Remove some old systems (Ultrix, OSF1 v1 & 2,
m68k-HPUX, m68k SunOS, etc.)
(show_gnu_root_msg): Remove.
Removed all the remove option code.
Thu Apr 10 23:23:33 1997 Jason Molenda (crash@godzilla.cygnus.co.jp)
* configure.man, configure.texi: Remote.
Mon Apr 7 18:15:00 1997 Brendan Kehoe <brendan@cygnus.com>
* Fix the version string for OSF1 4.0 to recognize either
V4.* or X4.*
Mon Apr 7 15:34:47 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <ian@cygnus.com>
* standards.texi, make-stds.texi: Update to current FSF versions.
Tue Nov 19 15:36:14 1996 Doug Evans <dje@canuck.cygnus.com>
* make-rel-sym-tree: New file.
Wed Oct 23 00:34:07 1996 Angela Marie Thomas (angela@cygnus.com)
* Lots of patches from progressive...
* Install.in: restore DDOPTS for AIX 4.x
* Install.in, subst-strings: add case for DG Aviion
* subst-strings: fix typo in INSTALLdir var setting
* comp-tools-verify: set SHLIB_PATH for shared libs
* Install.in, subst-strings: add case for solaris2.5
* Install.in: fix regression for hppa1.1 check
* comp-tools-fix: set LD_LIBRARY_PATH
* comp-tools-fix: If fixincludes fixes /usr/include/limits.h,
install it as syslimits.h.
Wed Oct 16 19:20:42 1996 Michael Meissner <meissner@tiktok.cygnus.com>
* Install.in (guess_system): Treat powerpc-ibm-aix4.1 the same as
rs6000-ibm-aix4.1, since the compiler now uses common mode by
Wed Oct 2 15:39:07 1996 Jason Molenda (crash@godzilla.cygnus.co.jp)
* configure.in (AC_PROG_INSTALL): Added.
* Makefile.in (distclean): Remove config.cache.
Wed Oct 2 14:33:58 1996 Jason Molenda (crash@godzilla.cygnus.co.jp)
* configure.in: Switch to autoconf configure.in.
* configure: New.
* Makefile.in: Use autoconf-substituted values.
Tue Jun 25 18:56:08 1996 Jason Molenda (crash@godzilla.cygnus.co.jp)
* Makefile.in (datadir): Changed to $(prefix)/share.
Fri Mar 29 11:38:01 1996 J.T. Conklin (jtc@lisa.cygnus.com)
* configure.man: Changed to be recognized by catman -w on Solaris.
Wed Dec 6 15:40:28 1995 Doug Evans <dje@canuck.cygnus.com>
* comp-tools-fix (fixincludes): Define FIXPROTO_DEFINES from
Sun Nov 12 19:31:27 1995 Jason Molenda (crash@phydeaux.cygnus.com)
* comp-tools-verify (verify_cxx_initializers): delete argv,
argc declarations, add -static to compile line.
(verify_cxx_hello_world): delete argv, argc declarations, add
-static to compile line.
Wed Sep 20 13:21:52 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <ian@cygnus.com>
* Makefile.in (maintainer-clean): New target, synonym for
Mon Aug 28 17:25:49 1995 Jason Molenda (crash@phydeaux.cygnus.com)
* Install.in (PATH): add /usr/ucb to $PATH (for SunOS 4.1.x).
Tue Aug 15 21:51:58 1995 Jason Molenda (crash@phydeaux.cygnus.com)
* Install.in (guess_system): Match OSF/1 v3.x as the same as
v2.x--v2.x binaries are upward compatible.
Tue Aug 15 21:46:54 1995 Jason Molenda (crash@phydeaux.cygnus.com)
* Install.in (guess_system): recognize HP 9000/800 systems as the
same as HP 9000/700 systems.
Tue Aug 8 13:11:56 1995 Brendan Kehoe <brendan@lisa.cygnus.com>
* Install.in: For emacs, run show_emacs_alternate_msg and exit.
(show_emacs_alternate_msg): New message saying how emacs can't be
installed in an alternate prefix.
Thu Jun 8 00:42:56 1995 Angela Marie Thomas <angela@cirdan.cygnus.com>
* subst-strings: change du commands to $BINDIR/. & $SRCDIR/. just
in case they are symlinks.
Tue Apr 18 14:23:10 1995 J.T. Conklin <jtc@rtl.cygnus.com>
* cdk-fix: Extracted table of targets that don't need their
headers fixed from gcc's configure script.
* cdk-fix, cdk-verify: Use ${HOST} instead of ||HOSTstr||
* cdk-fix, cdk-verify: New files, install script fragments used
for Cygnus Developer's Kit.
* Install.in (do_mkdir): New function.
* Install.in: Added support for --with and --without options.
Changed so that tape commands are not run when extracting
from a file.
(do_mt): Changed to take only one argument.
Wed Mar 29 11:16:38 1995 Jason Molenda (crash@phydeaux.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: catch UNAME==alpha-dec-osf2.x and correct entry for
Fri Jan 27 12:04:29 1995 J.T. Conklin <jtc@rtl.cygnus.com>
* subst-strings (mips-sgi-irix5): New entry in table.
Thu Jan 19 12:15:44 1995 J.T. Conklin <jtc@rtl.cygnus.com>
* Install.in: Major rewrite, bundle dependent code (for example,
fixincludes for comp-tools) will be inserted into the Install
script when it is generated.
Tue Jan 17 16:51:32 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <ian@sanguine.cygnus.com>
* Makefile.in (Makefile): Rebuild using $(SHELL).
Thu Nov 3 19:30:33 1994 Ken Raeburn <raeburn@cujo.cygnus.com>
* Makefile.in (install-info): Depend on info.
Fri Aug 19 16:16:38 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@phydeaux.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: set $FIX_HEADER so fixproto can find fix-header.
Fri May 6 16:18:58 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Makefile.in (install-info): add a semicolon in the if statement.
Fri Apr 29 16:56:07 1994 David J. Mackenzie (djm@rtl.cygnus.com)
* cfg-paper.texi: Update some outdated information.
* Makefile.in (install-info): Pass file, not directory, as last
(uninstall): New target.
Thu Apr 28 14:42:22 1994 David J. Mackenzie (djm@rtl.cygnus.com)
* configure.texi: Comment out @smallbook.
* Makefile.in: Define TEXI2DVI and TEXIDIR, and use the latter.
Remove info files in realclean, not clean, per coding standards.
Remove TeX output in clean.
Tue Apr 26 17:18:03 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: fixincludes output is actually put in fixincludes.log,
but echo'ed messages claim it is fixinc.log. This is the same
messages as I logged in March 4 1994, but for some reason we found
the change hadn't been done. I'll have to dig through the logs
and find out what I really did do that day. :)
Mon Apr 25 20:28:19 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: use eval to call do_mt() for Ultrix brokenness.
Mon Apr 25 20:00:00 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Install.in(do_mt): exit with error status 1 if # of parameters
!= 3.
Mon Apr 25 19:42:36 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: lose TAPE_FORWARD and TAPE_REWIND, add do_mt()
to do all tape movement operations. Currently untested. Addresses
PR # 4886 from bull.
* Install.in: add 1994 to the copyright thing.
Fri Apr 22 19:05:13 1994 David J. Mackenzie (djm@rtl.cygnus.com)
* standards.texi: Update from FSF.
Fri Apr 22 15:46:10 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@cygnus.com)
* Install.in: Add $DDOPTS, has ``bs=124b'' for all systems except
AIX (some versions of AIX don't understand bs=124b. Silly OS).
Mon Apr 4 22:55:05 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: null out $TOOLS before adding stuff to it
Wed Mar 30 21:45:35 1994 David J. Mackenzie (djm@rtl.cygnus.com)
* standards.texi: Fix typo.
* configure.texi, configure.man: Document --disable-.
Mon Mar 28 13:22:15 1994 David J. Mackenzie (djm@rtl.cygnus.com)
* standards.texi: Update from FSF.
Sat Mar 26 09:21:44 1994 David J. Mackenzie (djm@rtl.cygnus.com)
* standards.texi, make-stds.texi: Update from FSF.
Fri Mar 25 22:59:45 1994 David J. Mackenzie (djm@rtl.cygnus.com)
* configure.texi, configure.man: Document --enable-* options.
Wed Mar 23 23:38:24 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: set CPP to be gcc -E for fixincludes.
Wed Mar 23 13:42:48 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: set PATH to $PATH:/bin:/usr/bin so we can pick
up native tools even if the user doesn't have them in his
* Install.in: ``hppa-1.1-hp-hpux'' -> ``hppa1.1-hp-hpux''.
Tue Mar 15 22:09:20 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: TAPE_REWIND and TAPE_FORWARD variables for Unixunaware,
added switch statement to detect if system is Unixunaware.
Fri Mar 4 12:10:30 1994 Jason Molenda (crash@sendai.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: fixincludes output is actually put in fixincludes.log,
but echo'ed messages claim it is fixinc.log.
Wed Nov 3 02:58:02 1993 Jeffrey Osier (jeffrey@thepub.cygnus.com)
* subst-strings: output TEXBUNDLE for more install notes matching
* install-texi.in: PRMS info now exists
Tue Oct 26 16:57:12 1993 K. Richard Pixley (rich@sendai.cygnus.com)
* subst-strings: match solaris*. Also, add default case to catch
and error out for unrecognized systems.
Thu Aug 19 18:21:31 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo@rtl.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: handle the new fixproto work
Mon Jul 19 12:05:41 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo@cirdan.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: remove "MT=tctl" for AIX (not needed, and barely
worked anyway)
Mon Jun 14 19:09:22 1993 Jeffrey Osier (jeffrey@cygnus.com)
* subst-strings: changed HOST to recognize Solaris for install notes
Thu Jun 10 16:01:25 1993 Jeffrey Osier (jeffrey@cygnus.com)
* dos-inst.texi: new file.
Wed Jun 9 19:23:59 1993 Jeffrey Osier (jeffrey@rtl.cygnus.com)
* install-texi.in: added conditionals (nearly complete)
cleaned up
added support for other releases (not done)
Wed Jun 9 15:53:58 1993 Jim Kingdon (kingdon@cygnus.com)
* Makefile.in (install-info): Use INSTALL_DATA.
({dist,real}clean): Also delete Makefile and config.status.
Fri Jun 4 17:09:56 1993 Jeffrey Osier (jeffrey@cygnus.com)
* subst-strings: added data for OS_STRING
* subst-strings: added support for OS_STRING
Thu Jun 3 00:37:01 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: pull COPYING and COPYING.LIB off of the tape
Tue Jun 1 16:52:08 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* subst-strings: replace RELEASE_DIR too
Mon Mar 22 23:55:27 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* Makefile.in: add installcheck target
Wed Mar 17 02:21:15 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* Install.in: fix 'source only' extraction bug where it looked for
the src dir under H-<host>/src instead of src; also remove stray
reference to EMACSHIBIN
Mon Mar 15 01:25:45 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* make-stds.texi: added 'installcheck' to the standard targets
Tue Mar 9 19:48:28 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* standards.texi: added INFO-DIR-ENTRY, updated version from the FSF
Tue Feb 9 12:40:23 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (ian@cygnus.com)
* Makefile.in (standards.info): Added -I$(srcdir) to find
Mon Feb 1 16:32:56 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* standards.texi: updated to latest FSF version, which includes:
* make-stds.texi: new file
Mon Nov 30 01:31:40 1992 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* install-texi.in, relnotes.texi, intro.texi: changed Cygnus phone
numbers from the old Palo Alto ones to the new Mtn. View numbers
Mon Nov 16 16:50:43 1992 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* Makefile.in: define $(RM) to "rm -f"
Sun Oct 11 16:05:48 1992 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at cirdan.cygnus.com)
* intro.texi: added INFO-DIR-ENTRY