A C standard library for sh3eb-elf.
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536 B

bfin	- Analog Devices Blackfin processor.
sparc - Fujitsu Sparclite board. Works on the ex930, ex931, ex933
hp74x - Hewlett Packard HP742 board. Also some support for the hp743.
m68hc11 - Motorola 68HC11 or 68HC12 support.
m68k - Motorola MVME135 and IDP board. For CPU32 systems.
mep - Toshiba Media Processor.
pa - WinBond and Oki boards with a PA.
mips - R3000 support. Array Tech LSI33k based RAID disk controller.
lm32 - Lattice Mico32 simulator.
epiphany - Adapteva Epiphany multicore processor.
or1k - OpenRISC 1000 processor.