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#pragma once
#include "animation.h"
#include "engine.h"
#include "vec2.h"
#include "stats.h"
#include "capacite.h"
#include "inventory.h"
#include "define.h"
#include "type.h"
struct Player {
/*current position of the player on the map - Tile*/
struct Vec2 pos;
/*current position of the player on the map - pixels */
struct Vec2f pos_visual;
const struct Stats base_stats;
struct Stats stats;
struct Move *moves[NB_PLAYER_MOVES];
struct Inventory inventory;
struct Type type;
/*player mid - offset pixels*/
int x_mid, y_mid;
/*the direction the player facing to*/
int direction;
/*if the player is sprinting*/
int sprint;
/*current frame of the animation*/
int frame;
/*where to draw the player on the screen*/
int show_x, show_y;
/*the current animation*/
int idle;
struct AnimData anim;
int eventListZone[NB_STO_ZONE];
int eventListDialog[NB_STO_DIALOG];
struct LevelUp {
int level;
int id_move;
struct LevelUpPlayer {
int nbLevelUp;
struct LevelUp *levelup[];
/*return the info tile value the player is facing to*/
int player_facing(struct Game const *game);
struct Player init_player(void);
void add_move(struct Player *player, struct Move move);
void draw_player_moves(struct Player *player);
void replace_capacities(struct Player *player, struct Move move);
void draw_ui(struct Player *player, int curr_select);
int get_nb_moves(struct Player *player);
void reset_pp(struct Player *player);
void check_level(struct Player *player, int prec_level);
void add_xp(struct Player *player, int xp);
int select_capacity(struct Player *player, char* context, bool allow_back);
void add_pp(struct Player *player, int amount);
void change_type(struct Player *player, struct Type type);
bool has_move(struct Player *player, struct Move move);
int get_nb_eventzone(struct Player *player);
bool check_eventzone(struct Player *player, int id);
int get_nb_eventdialog(struct Player *player);
bool check_eventdialog(struct Player *player, int id);