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Eldeberen 41eaaa4c30
Merge branch 'preprod' on master 2 years ago
Eldeberen 938516cb3f
polls: added admin panel and deletion form 2 years ago
Eldeberen d6512bb197
polls: added multi-choices polls 2 years ago
Eldeberen b23fc15b6e
polls: changes in template, display results when user has voted 2 years ago
Eldeberen 5958605d2b
forum: fix message for necropost warning 2 years ago
Eldeberen f10d5404c2
forum: fix #84 2 years ago
Eragon f3bb8858f0
Vérification de l'existence d'une signature pour l'afficher 2 years ago
Eldeberen 0c7474d8ba
pclink: add handle for topics 2 years ago
Eldeberen cd8ce4f5bc
admin: fix name edition through admin panel (#85) 2 years ago
Eldeberen 894a0b6549
pclink: fix link for users 2 years ago
Lephe 1d457d7e65
topic: fix model preventing Post from polymorphic loading as Topic 2 years ago
Eldeberen d0714d87b0
poll: phoque it. XML is much more restrictive than html 2 years ago
Eldeberen e2c84df6e3
poll: fixed a ***** bug 2 years ago
Eldeberen 5efcadb23e
Merge branch 'polls' into dev 2 years ago
Eldeberen b5630e0079
md: add pclink for users 2 years ago
Lephe c8661ca50f
master: update groups without deleting them 2 years ago
Eldeberen 9d08f81342
poll,md: adds pclink for polls 2 years ago
Darks b08085d54e Merge branch 'dev' into polls 2 years ago
Eldeberen 85dfde3811
md: improved markdown 2 years ago
Eldeberen cd8efcced8
Merge branch 'dev' of into polls 2 years ago
Eldeberen fabad32955
polls: add a panel to manage own polls 2 years ago
Eldeberen 0801b8ec16
poll: add poll creation form 2 years ago
Eldeberen 473448ab5b
poll: add ability to vote 2 years ago
Eldeberen ec3f33ead0
polls: updated templates 2 years ago
Eldeberen 3b1aa2fc1d
admin-panel: fix users registration date 2 years ago
Eldeberen 169aca8304
polls: added migration 2 years ago
Eldeberen d2c5ddd874
polls: added models 2 years ago
Eldeberen c0bb2f5448
misc: small fixes 2 years ago
Eragon 9273430f9a
#84 Configuration de la durée avant nécropost 2 years ago
Eragon 4ddf60353c
#84 Passage du dernier post en cas de nécropost 2 years ago
Eragon c0ae3cc8ab
#84 Confirmation anti-nécropost 2 years ago
Darks 243ae43783
dev: added support for local development test files 2 years ago
Darks 4aa1802afb
polls: created backbone of models (#72) 2 years ago
Darks 63baae9683
Merge branch 'glados' of into dev 2 years ago
Darks 98de289ea1
glados: added glados socket and example wrapper 2 years ago
Lephe 1d38f906ee
admin/members: add a dynamic regex/logic filter for the member list 2 years ago
Lephe 13b2bd2671
admin/members: add a full member list 2 years ago
Lephe 0be0d5ab65
admin/groups: show only users with groups or special privileges 2 years ago
Lephe 8155cf1550
threads: fix misplaced </td> in template 2 years ago
Lephe 75f3a90f20 update forums with stateful logic 2 years ago
Lephe cf9cb8a8c6
forum: add true, recursive deletion methods 2 years ago
Lephe bb6450bda2
editor: don't autofocus by default 2 years ago
Lephe 36ccb16536
thread: use the thread widget for top comments 2 years ago
Lephe c7846c4f8b
threads: improve layout and flow of messages 2 years ago
Lephe 05c16b8fa8
threads: hide signature delimiter if there is no signature 2 years ago
Darks ee01a4c768 split generation of trophies and generation of icons 2 years ago
Lephe 93e5fc380a
admin: improve display of trophies 2 years ago
Lephe a95a88f3b1
app: send cookies with Secure and SameSite=Lax (#60) 2 years ago
Lephe e06363715e
forum: match topic title length in creation form with model 2 years ago
Darks ed231f6524
fix CSRF token for message preview (#77) 2 years ago