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Lephenixnoir ddec761f61
bump version to 1.4.4 3 months ago
Lephenixnoir ca6c39bf56
meta: update build instructions 3 months ago
Lephenixnoir 31ee6fdbee
cmake: remove the OpenLibm include path workaround 4 months ago
Lephenixnoir b38dd3f894
cmake: use *dynamic* fxSDK compiler path as default for gint 4 months ago
Yann MAGNIN e8779145c2 fix vhex target folders 4 months ago
Yann MAGNIN bdf9566723 fxlibc - v1.4.3 : fix vhex missing headers 4 months ago
Yann MAGNIN 619afe25da fxlibc - v1.4.2 : fix reallocarray() + remove old Vhex/Casiowin sources 6 months ago
Yann MAGNIN 996b2b8ded fxlibc - v1.4.1 : update Vhex stdlib 7 months ago
Alice Rozengarden 3f5989ceab Add getline(3) & getdelim(3) 8 months ago
Lephenixnoir 4d464bde01
bump version to 1.4.0 8 months ago
Yann MAGNIN fa4adc5620 add PIC option + vxsdk support 10 months ago
Lephenixnoir 71866ed769
stdio: stdin/stdout/stderr, perror, final adjustments 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir ed873a652e
stdio: fgetc(), fgets(), tests for fputc() and fputs() (DONE) 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir f1512125d0
stdio: initial versions of fputc() and fputs() (TEST) 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir 6ec0c24e2d
stdio: ungetc(), update (+) and append (a) modes (DONE) 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir 0c2f81e5bb
string: add and test a naive memrchr (DONE) 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir 4461bdb96a
stdio: basic fread/fwrite (WIP) 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir b6dbdf321d
stdio: error handling and positioning functions (WIP) 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir a12b84f1ef
stdio: opening primitives for FILE (WIP) 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir 51528170bb
stdio: FILE barebones with buffering model (WIP) 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir bd0dd3a8d2
bump version to 1.3.0 11 months ago
Lephenixnoir 92ccd8b1db
time: add support for C99 <time.h> (DONE) 12 months ago
Lephenixnoir e71f9867e2
support for shared libgcc in vhex 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir 164b33b26d
cmake: initial support for shared vhex library 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir ea35c18c41
stdlib: add qsort (TEST) 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir 6be2a3d52e
bump version to 1.2.0 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir dcaf203f46
stdio: improve printf extension API and type size support 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir 009a2eef6e
stdlib: add TinyMT-based rand, and malloc/etc for gint 1 year ago
Lephenixnoir 625a6af459
stdio: add asprintf and vasprintf 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir f52e0923bc
stdio: move the printf implementation from gint 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir cd7fe7a329
signal: simple implementation (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 04e910441a
cmake: fix install dirs reversing at second build 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 4b90740d3b
stdlib: add exit() based on target-provided _Exit() 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir e6d2aa0638
cmake: default to compiler install with gint, and GiteaPC support 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 412d0f5623
cmake: set minimum version to 3.15 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 1e7e2c656b
string: add and test strtok (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir df9073e6ff
string: add and test str[n]casecmp and KMP str[case]str (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 8ffc104798
string: add and test strpbrk (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir d105b1d60a
string: add stubs for strcoll and strxfrm (TEST) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir cda27ac2db
string: add and test strspn and strcspn (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 8368ba70fd
string: split and fix strdup and strndup (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir b78cec4f6d
string: add and test strerror (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 3792bbd9d1
string: split strcat and strncat (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 5d345b8da2
string: split and fix strcpy and strncpy (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir d5ef8298ae
string: split strcmp and strncmp (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir ab8bcc6928
string: use gint's (not-so-optimized-yet) memmove (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir fd0d67191c
string: add memchr, memcmp, memmove for non-SuperH (TEST) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 5cfd2a7d85
string: use gint's optimized memcmp (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir a354e38ccf
string: use gint's optimized memcpy (DONE) 2 years ago
Lephenixnoir b69e0fd299
string: use gint's optimized memset (DONE) 2 years ago