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Lephenixnoir ca6c39bf56
meta: update build instructions
7 months ago
Lephenixnoir dcaf203f46
stdio: improve printf extension API and type size support
2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 009a2eef6e
stdlib: add TinyMT-based rand, and malloc/etc for gint
2 years ago
Lephenixnoir f52e0923bc
stdio: move the printf implementation from gint
2 years ago
Lephenixnoir 8993049f4e
update README and CMake install rules
2 years ago
Yatis 47e79813d9 Update configure script
2 years ago
Yann MAGNIN e9984365eb edited
2 years ago
Yatis 565a159370 Release the 0.3.0 (add README + LICENSE and fix norm)
2 years ago