a C standard library for fx Casio calculators
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#ifndef __LIB_PTHREAD_H__
# define __LIB_PTHREAD_H__
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
// Warnig, this part is experimental and reserved for Vhex
// Define Mutex type
enum {
mtx_plain = 0,
mtx_recursive = 1,
mtx_timed = 2
// Define mutex structure
// @note: This is a custom implementation
#define MTX_WATERMARK (0xdeadbeef)
struct __mtx_s {
uint32_t __watermark;
uint16_t lock;
uint8_t type;
typedef struct __mtx_s mtx_t;
// Mutex functions
** Creates a new mutex object with type __TYPE.
** @note: If successful the new object is pointed by __MUTEX.
extern int mtx_init(mtx_t *__mutex, int __type);
** Block the current thread until the mutex pointed to by __MUTEX is unlocked.
** In that case current thread will not be blocked.
extern int mtx_lock(mtx_t *__mutex);
** Try to lock the mutex pointed by __MUTEX without blocking.
** @note: If the mutex is free the current threads takes control of it,
** otherwise it returns immediately.
extern int mtx_trylock(mtx_t *__mutex);
** Unlock the mutex pointed by __MUTEX.
** @note: It may potentially awake other threads waiting on this mutex.
extern int mtx_unlock (mtx_t *__mutex);
/* Destroy the mutex object pointed by __MUTEX. */
extern void mtx_destroy(mtx_t *__mutex);
// Atomic operations
** Save the current SR register and set the SR.BIT bit up (start atomic operations)
** @note: return the saved SR register (if has been saved), 0xffffffff otherwise.
extern uint32_t __thread_atomic_start(void);
** Restore the saved SR register
** @note: return the restored SR register or -1 otherwise.
extern uint32_t __thread_atomic_stop(void);
#endif /*__LIB_PTHREAD_H__*/