Vhex is a kernel which provide development and retro ingenierie platform for the Casio's OS
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#ifndef __KERNEL_TTY_H__
# define __KERNEL_TTY_H__
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <kernel/drivers/screen.h>
#include <display.h>
// Define default buffer size.
// TODO: remove me ?
// Define TTY major
#define TTY_DEV_MAJOR (4)
struct tty_s
// Internal buffers
struct {
char input[256];
char **output;
} buffers;
// Window size informations used by the write primitive
struct {
unsigned short ws_col;
unsigned short ws_row;
unsigned short ws_xpixel;
unsigned short ws_ypixel;
} winsize;
// Cursor informations
struct {
int16_t x;
int16_t y;
struct {
int16_t x;
int16_t y;
} max;
} cursor;
// Object used by the drawing library.
// It's store video ram and font informations
display_t disp;
// internal strct used by the TTY read primitives
// TODO: Move me ?
// TODO: Add internal keyboard buffer !!!
struct keyboard_obj_s
struct {
uint8_t *addr;
size_t size;
size_t clen;
off_t cursor;
} buffer;
uint8_t mode;
uint8_t cvisible;
struct {
struct {
struct {
int16_t x;
int16_t y;
} cursor;
} tty;
} saved;
// FIXME Dirty place, remove / move me !
struct tty_s *tty;
// primitives.
extern void *tty_open(dev_t major, dev_t minor);
extern ssize_t tty_write(void *inode, const void *buffer, size_t count);
extern ssize_t tty_read(void *inode, void *buffer, size_t count);
extern int tty_close(void *inode);
#define TTY_IOCTL_GETDX (0x00)
#define TTY_IOCTL_GETDY (0x01)
extern void tty_ioctl(void *inode, uint32_t cmd, ...);
#endif /*__KERNEL_TTY_H__*/